Comments - Unique of the Week: 1958 AC Aceca

Published: Sep 17, 2011
Description: The AC Aceca may look somewhat familiar to many of us. The reason is that the automaker's AC roadster served as the transplant car for the original Shelby Cobras. In the early 60s, Carroll Shelby...
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Zach Wedlund Sep 18, 2011
Aha the writer is british!! That said I've always loved the ac cobras. Never knew these hatchbacks even existed! Thanks for droppin some knowledge =]
Bilal Saeed Sep 17, 2011
Cobra is also the most expensive sold in America , $6 million! I would love to have it! It's so beautiful!
Nick Benz Sep 17, 2011
@Peter, Give them a damn break. They just wrote sooo many articles for the frankfurt auto show. Dont be a whiner.
Peter Rotta Sep 17, 2011
Carbuzz this is a shame to see that you have only posted 4 news things today this is the least that I have ever seen there is always something that I am interested in but today there is nothing I am not happy pleaser put more posts
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
Quite possibly yes Easily the most insane muscle car, that's for sure
Chris Penza Sep 17, 2011
The cobra is the best muscle car ever
Description: However, the hand-built Aceca grand tourer pressed on despite the popularity of its open-top counterpart. It had ash wood and steel tubing used in its construction and was easily recognizable for its ...
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Description: From 1961 to 63, a few Aceca's, dubbed the 2.6, were built with a Ford Zephyr engine.

This 1958 AC Aceca was just sold on eBay Motors for $35,121 and is considered to be a project car in ...
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Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
That is if you drive on the correct side of the road. People who drive on the wrong side of the road would also have problems but with LHD
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
And it can also provide problems with visibility like in blind spots
Andrew Grimm Sep 17, 2011
He probably didnt want RHD. Alot of people hate it because they don't want to get used to shifting gears with their left hand and going a different direction with the gear lever
Chris Penza Sep 17, 2011
Oh come on you should've kept rhd
Description: Fortunately, everything is in place for it to be up and racing once again. The engine last ran in the early 90s and the car is also equipped with a roll bar. The seats also need to be redone and the s...
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Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
Good! I hope that thing gets driven to hell and back. After all, that's what cars are for: driving
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
Still looks good. Although I've always found the hardtops of some cars, like this, the Cobra, and Jag E-Type, to look a bit awkward
Andrew Grimm Sep 17, 2011
Looks like they are stairs. Even has the railing ahaha
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Sep 18, 2011
And this still sold for 35k. Hmm..
Brendan Kinzler Sep 18, 2011
This will take an hour to fix
Ray Lockhart Sep 18, 2011
35k and that's what you have to start with. Ehh
Bilal Saeed Sep 17, 2011
I'm going to need a hammer, duct tape................... And a sandwich!
Chris Trotter Sep 17, 2011
Just needs a little bit of fixin up..just a little
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
That is a novel heating systen, just stick your head in there next to the engine
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
Looks more like an Alfa or Lancia interior after an hour
Andrew Grimm Sep 17, 2011
Yea this looks more like a ford interior
Kyle Nistler Sep 17, 2011
Well there's your problem
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
Looks more like a Kia...
Cory Kemps Sep 17, 2011
Is that a chevy interior?