Description: The Frankfurt Auto Show has seen some interesting cars this year. The Opel Rak-e is certainly one of those cars. Featuring some very unique design cues and running only on electricity, the Rak-e is tu...
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Col Be Sep 17, 2011
That car is pretty dope when can the U.S get em
Scott M Allen Sep 16, 2011
It doubles as a coffin.
Tom Franquelli Sep 16, 2011
It looks like a portal drone! Aw that makes me happy. 'are you still theeeere?'
Description: The EV is so efficient that it can travel up to 62 miles (100km in euro-talk) for as low as $1.39. The range for Opel's concept is also 62 miles. That means travelling from Cincinnati, Ohio (sout...
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Description: As a city car it is incredibly efficient and would undoubtedly save money and ease your conscience doing it, as it is emissions-free.
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Jonathan Fowler Sep 17, 2011
I wonder if it's batteries can be recycled when they have to be replaced... Or do they just get scrapped in the junk yard?
Duncan Gibson Sep 17, 2011
If they made it high performance it could make a rival of sorts for the Ariel atom
Duncan Gibson Sep 17, 2011
I actually think this is cool looking. Prolly be shit tho
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Sport version? Thats like a sport version refrigerator
Sam Oglesby Sep 16, 2011
the sport version should have a motorbike engine
Axel Cousins Sep 16, 2011
If u get hit on your back wheels it would be like Bumper Cars!!! That would be fun.
Jonathan Romero Sep 16, 2011
Can't be any less safer than driving a motorcycle at least u got a better chance walking away in this vehicle
Jonathan Harper Sep 16, 2011
Pretty much if you get hit or roll over your life is over
Brad Hickey Sep 19, 2011
So a 4 wheeled crotch rocket. Looks fun.
Austin Bride Sep 16, 2011
I don't think many parking garages are that low
John McFadden Sep 16, 2011
Hope you don't have to get out of it in a parking garage!!!
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
@Jimmy that, is one of the funniest things I've heard today
No Pistons Sep 16, 2011
She is starring into my soul