Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Mansory BMW X6 M

Published: Sep 16, 2011
Description: Mansory is showing off all their wares at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Yesterday we brought you photos of their Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Bentley Continental GT and now we have the Swiss division...
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Description: The impressive sedan was helped a bit by several aerodynamic parts made out of lightweight carbon fiber. Mansory's BMW X6 M looks great and runs even better. No pricing or availability informatio...
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Dennis Rech Sep 17, 2011
I say paint the hood to match. This is a high end BMW not ricer central. While this look may work on some cars ( the old Cuda's) it is all wrong here.
Nick Benz Sep 16, 2011
Black hood w/ white body again. Seems like mansory finally found something that pleases them and doesnt make anyone cringe (that much)
Phillip Fitchew Sep 16, 2011
Not overdone at all. A surprise for Mansory...
Forrest Wood Nov 04, 2011
I absolutely love it
Duncan Gibson Sep 17, 2011
This color scheme looks familiar...
Dennis Rech Sep 17, 2011
there is something else to consider. I have a friend who's 6'7" and regular sport cars are too small. If he wants a fast car something like this is perfect. So maybe it does have some relevance when thinking from another angle.
Dennis Rech Sep 17, 2011
@Mike & Shane, I agree to a certain extent especially about speeding with family in the car
Benni Serious Sep 17, 2011
In my eyes mansory just ruins cars. In that case they made BMW even more ugly...
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
@Vincent yes because I wanna be running 100+ with my kids in the back. I agree, this cars a stupid idea. Yeah it could beat my truck in a drag race but towing mine would snatch the rear end outta this thing
Vincent Butler Sep 16, 2011
I guess if you have a big family it's pointless right? Ok.
Mike Lanza Sep 16, 2011
If it was money and I wanted a go fast BMW it would be an m3 or m5. Def not an suv. Sure there are fast suv's but they're pointless
Vincent Butler Sep 16, 2011
Mike, go on YouTube watch suvs, and trucks drag race. Watch that. These suvs mash on almost every car ok the road. Thats so embarrassing on the road
Pierre E Jean Sep 16, 2011
So basically they put the same colour scheme on every car they "tuned" for Frankfurt '11 ...
Patrick Schalk Sep 16, 2011
Looks like the SLS and Bentley from yesterday. Mansory is a joke.
Mike Lanza Sep 16, 2011
This vehicle is pointless... It's an suv that can't do anything suv-ish while Trying to be a sports car, which it's not. It's just dumb
Buddy Robinson Sep 16, 2011
M lover? I don't like it either, but considering it's a mansard, it's pretty epic
Axel Cousins Sep 16, 2011
That is a nice M6. I like the rims when they are a different color that silver color.
Czezar Csongor Sep 19, 2011
For is my favorite car!
Law Patrickus Sep 16, 2011
I think this looks sharp as hell. Everyone's gotta quit eating those hater tots.
Dale Fredriks Sep 17, 2011
Yeah Shane, gotta show up somewhere.
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Haha THERE'S Mansory!
Tom Franquelli Sep 16, 2011
It's not that bad for orange...but still. I'm not a huge fan of suede/alcantara.
Phillip Fitchew Sep 16, 2011
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! But really though. I don't like the interior.
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Orange you glad your interior doesn't look like this
Edith Wharton Sep 17, 2011
Try to find one pic without mansory written somewhere.