Description: McLaren announced at last month's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance that they would be offering personalized customization services for owners of their many different models ie. just the MP4-...
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Daniel Gil Sep 16, 2011
@Vanagram it Seems that you can't read!!
Vanagram Vance Sep 16, 2011
Description: The Classica, Scuderia and Inedita packages will be offered through the Italian's Styling Center. Each member of the program will receive a personal designer that will assist the customer choosin...
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Gareth Rhys Williams Sep 17, 2011
I just bought one of these........but then I woke up. Bugger.
Edith Wharton Sep 16, 2011
@william you know its a ferrari... No not just a ferrari. This is one of the best ferraris ever! Love the 458
Jonathan Holland Sep 16, 2011
Did anyone just get aroused. Oh my this car is wonderful.
Max Waite Sep 16, 2011
lol Kent.. Let the kid have dreams
Kent Sullivan Sep 16, 2011
No, it's definitely too expensive for you, unless you have $250 grand in your piggy bank
Axel Cousins Sep 16, 2011
That is freankin awesome. I want it now!!! But it is probably to expensive for me.
Tajul Islam Sep 22, 2011
This is the Super America. 599 SA Aptera is not the new super america. SA = Sergio and Andrea.
Justin Chavez Sep 18, 2011
Robby Bradford Sep 18, 2011
Gotta say, from this angle, the car doesn't look as well as from the others
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
@Chris Only 6? Where do you live?
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 16, 2011
I though it was the SA Aptera
Chris Penza Sep 16, 2011
I love how I've only seen like 6 supercars before and this happens to be one of them
Alex Newgard Sep 16, 2011
Actually this is the original superamerica. Google it
Kent Sullivan Sep 16, 2011
My mistake, I'm thinking of the superamerica 45, the one-off based on the 599
Kent Sullivan Sep 16, 2011
That's not a super America, the SA was based off a 599. This is certainly not
Mike Lanza Sep 16, 2011
This is a superamerica - it's mentioned a few pages earlier. It was ferraris first hard top convertible
Tanton Stoneman Sep 16, 2011
Why is there a 575 there?
Tajul Islam Sep 22, 2011
It's not a hatch. It's called a shooting brake which is an like estate coupe.
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
I love it too! I thought it looked a bit weird at first (Ferrari hatch? Really) but it has grown on me even more
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
@Jonathan thats one of the reasons I like it. It has that sorta insane, unstable look
Jonathan Holland Sep 16, 2011
Anyone else think it has like an evil grin on it?
Jordan Smith Sep 16, 2011
That said, I strongly dislike this car. If they sloped the rear smoothly with more flow, I would like it more.
Jordan Smith Sep 16, 2011
For 3 times the price!
Garrett Keller Sep 16, 2011
So the guys selling Ferrari's said the latest model was their favorite? Sounds unbiased to me
Michael Palazzo Sep 16, 2011
then I saw Ferraris video, and went to the Ferrari store in Italy, where most of the employees said that was there favorite one.
Michael Palazzo Sep 16, 2011
I think its the greatest looking hatch back ever, I was totally against it when it was fist announced.
Jimmy Bush Sep 16, 2011
Yea it is, thanks. Just a different angle so u can't see the hatchback.
Jimmy Bush Sep 16, 2011
Which model is this?
Brad Wood Sep 16, 2011
Because it's their new bad ass tennis shoe car