Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Red Edition

Published: Sep 16, 2011
Description: As everyone was scampering around the Frankfurt Auto Show trying to steal a glimpse of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blanc, we caught the proverbial 'diamond in rough', per say, o...
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Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
Henessey Venom GT just has a big ass engine in a body with no weight at all . John hennessy himself said that all we did was add a bigger engine . Truth is Bugatti is better and that's it
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
@Keenan I agree. I still say the Mclaren F1 is the greatest car of all time but the Veyron is definitely up there
Tyler James Davis Sep 17, 2011
Hennesy venom gt is better, 'nuff said.
Keenan Casteel Sep 17, 2011
I'm sad to see this car die... It's probably the greatest car ever built simply because of the technology and engineering involved.
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
@Joel yeah me too, I'm kinda over it. They're getting to be like the Zonda, 30 "final" editions no we better do one more. Ok, just one more after that then we're done. Anniversary coming up? Maybe we should do another. Ok last one promise. No wait
Joel Clifford Sep 16, 2011
Am I the only one who rolls their eyes when they hear about another special edition of the Veyton being released?
Daniel Gil Sep 16, 2011
Damn!!! 108!!!? And Ferrari is doing only 20 of their 458 Spyder!!!
Stephen Ishard Sep 16, 2011
Crips are gonna be so pissed
Kevin Rehbock Sep 16, 2011
They're selling these at huge losses. Some rich oil sheikh will buy the rest off
Eddie Filipovic Sep 16, 2011
Man, that's a high production number (108) for a car that costs $2.3mil+ and maintenance, etc.
Description: To try and swing some sales, Bugatti has brought their completely red model to Frankfurt to show off. From the interior to the wheels, everything was painted red. The Bugatti Veyron features an 8.0-li...
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Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
The tuatara is still not official yet . But even if it does claim it bugatti will just make another car .
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
@Keenan I still prefer the cartoony SSC over the Veyron. Just looks too round and soft. Like a 1000hp Kirstie Allie
Keenan Casteel Sep 17, 2011
@Andy The reason I say stupid is because I think it looks like a hot wheels car. I understand that hypercars are to look crazy, but I don't like the look.
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
@Keenan I agree again, except the Tuatra isn't stupid. I want to see a Veyron that's mire like the SSCs, Koenigseggs, and Venom GT. Completely hardcore and getting EVERYTHING they can get out of the Veyron. I still think it has a lot more potential
Keenan Casteel Sep 17, 2011
Yes! One more! I wish they weren't making a saloon and sticking with the hypercar. I'd like them to make something to beat the stupid tuatara!
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
We all know what the engine is and the power, you don't have to tell us every time
Aj TheDark Artist Sep 16, 2011
Stop building these damn things!!! They make no damn sense!!!!
Sam Bachelor Apr 01, 2012
Terrible color beautiful car
Tim Butler Jan 08, 2012
@brian then I guess I need a life because I think this car is stunning
KeRon Jones Oct 02, 2011
Is the super sport faster than the aero?
James Donaldson Oct 02, 2011
Thera gotta be at least 1100 horses under that hood
Omer Hortig Sep 25, 2011
I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omer Hortig Sep 25, 2011
I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cj Emlund Sep 20, 2011
You guys are missing the point that this thing puts out a thousand hp. I don't care what the body looks like if it's got 1001 hp on it. U won't even be able to see it when it's cookin past
Danny Scott Sep 18, 2011
@ Andy... My point is that you can make something go just as fast for a lot cheaper... That's why I say it's over priced and over rated
Knox Ferraro Sep 18, 2011
This car isn't meant to be one color.
Tyler Dunn Sep 17, 2011
The veyron was cool for a little while ,but it's time to move onto something else.
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
@Andy agreed, my list of cars I'd like to own includes little to no cars that are the fastest in their catagory. Lime green AMC Gremlin, for example. No reason for me to want it, but I like it anyway
Brian Kegerreis Sep 17, 2011
Anyone who thinks this car is cool needs to get a life
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
The Mclaren was developed ON the TG Test Track, it better be quicker than a competitor that wasn't
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
@Ty You're missing the point too. I'd still take the 458 because it has a lot more character and it's a lot more fun. And on some tests, the 458 was actually quicker than the Mclaren. Just saying...
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
@Danny And you're missing the point too. It's not overpriced (cost 5mil to make and they sell it for 1mil, and it was the car that started the race for top speed again). And you must be a hipster to not like something because it's mainstream
Danny Scott Sep 17, 2011
@ Dexter, your missing our point.. Even if we could afford it, we wouldn't buy it because it's over priced and over rated.
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
@Nicolas how is 458 a real name? And no, even if I could afford one I wouldn't buy one
Dexter Cordero Sep 17, 2011
To all the haters: stop whining, it's not as if any of you could afford one of these :p
Tyler James Davis Sep 17, 2011
Get a ford mondeo if you want good performace for less the price!
Biswajyoti Das Sep 17, 2011
".....mp4 12c sounds like a fax machine...." Jeremy clarkson.
Ty Piper Sep 17, 2011
Just not as amazing looking lol
Ty Piper Sep 17, 2011
The mp4 12c is way better than an italia, more power better suspension and nicer interior for a similar price, it beat the italia's ass on the top gear test track
Luis Daniel Angilello Sep 17, 2011
Actually it's underpriced, it cost 4mil to build one of these.
Nicolas Pons Sep 17, 2011
Ferrari is better than mp4 12c. it actually has a name
Akhil Patil Sep 16, 2011
I agree...this car is utterly stupid and looks like a red colored easter egg!!!! And its only fast in a straight line...give it a corner and its weight will have it hit a wall
Bruce Galbraith Sep 16, 2011
So red cars actually do go faster!
Solja Watts Sep 16, 2011
I hate buggatis Their so overrated And annoying And I must be the only one I the world Who thinks this
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
They should paint the windows red
Daniel Finstad Sep 16, 2011
But hey, I'd take one.
Daniel Finstad Sep 16, 2011
I never thought single tones looked too good on Bugattis...
Robby Bradford Sep 16, 2011
@Chris stop yo hatin brothah
Chris Penza Sep 16, 2011
The bugatti is already bad enough. But this is just terrible
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Sep 16, 2011
Not red enough. Wheels are to silver. So is the outline of the grill
Stephen Cobbs Sep 16, 2011
Haha Birdman already has a Red 16.4. I actually last week was playin with the car designer and made an all red grand sport...
Tom Moriarty Sep 16, 2011
Bugatti should contact Birdman...
Dennis Rech Sep 16, 2011
Bring's a whole new meaning to "Arrest-me Red"!
Keaton Smith Sep 17, 2011
@Cory, it's not just a spoiler, it's an air brake that creates as much stopping power as a small production cars stock brakes do
Serega Karchevskyy Sep 17, 2011
I can't stand prius anymore. TDI for ever.
Pavel Kleymenov Sep 17, 2011
Guys I'm kidding, I don't drive a Prius. :)
Pavel Kleymenov Sep 17, 2011
Wow. Omg. Unbelievable. This is so amaaazing!! Convertible too? No freaken way!!! I need to sell my prius ASAP.
Cory Kemps Sep 16, 2011
This doesn't need a spoiler for any downforce...
Robby Bradford Sep 16, 2011
Anybody else throw up at the prius ad right before this and then look at this wonder?
Sandy Monteiro Hjorth Sep 18, 2011
So crazy beautiful :)
Luis Daniel Angilello Sep 17, 2011
There is a "Pure Blood" version that is all carbon fiber without any paint and it's awesomely sick!
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
@Junoman I'd be all over a blacked-out one.
Robby Bradford Sep 16, 2011
Yeah I see what you mean. This is a little overdone
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 16, 2011
Red is not for everyone I am afraid..sorry but not my cup of tea!