Comments - Video: Ferrari 458 Spider Hits the Coast

Published: Sep 15, 2011
Description: Ferrari continues to tease us with this latest video of their new 458 Italia Spider. Having just made its official public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the latest Ferrari convertible is beautiful ...
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Isaac Ho Dec 21, 2012
Last time thought that this car was the best....but now,lotus!!!
Isaac Ho Oct 14, 2011
"It is the best car in the world!"
Daniel Padilla Sep 20, 2011
This car is AMAZING!!!
Description: Those extra domes behind just behind the seatbacks help channel wind over the rear and into special air intakes that cool the engine, clutch, and the F1-derived gearbox. But we'll let this offici...
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Lavrans Verschelden Sep 27, 2011
THE best car i ever seen
Carlos Dorantes Sep 19, 2011
Proof that there is a God..........he must be Italian!
Nick Rios Sep 15, 2011
Mafi coast is one of the most amazing drives... EPIC video
Aaron Manalil Sep 15, 2011
It's funny at the end how there is that epic music but the roof is moving so slow to get back on the top.haha
Dan Sipos Sep 15, 2011
reminds me of the superamerica with the flip back roof.
Roberto Maldonado Sep 15, 2011
Just perfect. The best of both worlds a convertible without having to compromise weight or aerodynamics (and maintenance on the clothe top).
Andrew Grimm Sep 15, 2011
The most beautiful spyder ever made? I think so.
Brad Wood Sep 15, 2011
Yep. That's about the best money can buy.
Zain Sheikh Sep 16, 2011
I find it impressive how they kept the same exact look as if it were a coupe
Mark Suvorov Sep 15, 2011
It looks like from granturismo 5
Sebastian Grey Sep 15, 2011
The Thunderbird? Like the kids show?
Andrew Grimm Sep 15, 2011
Yea that's the removable. Since this is automatic top, you can't take it off and put it somewhere else like under the hood.
Jack Higgins Sep 15, 2011
The Thunderbird has a removable top. So if Ferrari did that you could still see the engine then
Andrew Grimm Sep 15, 2011
Absolutely beautiful. Wish they made it to where you could still see the engine, but where else would you store the top?