Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Mansory Bentley Continental GT

Published: Sep 15, 2011
Description: Tuners Mansory are making a habit of bringing out their aftermarket programs to auto shows. Last seen at the Geneva Motor Show with their take on the Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-...
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Luke Bailey Sep 15, 2011
so first theyre swiss, then theyre german?
James Donaldson Oct 01, 2011
Dale Denis Sep 15, 2011
Tire size/fender look out of place
Zachary Maurer Sep 15, 2011
Not diggin the stripe
Duncan Gibson Sep 15, 2011
I like it a lot, actually.the unfinished style is cool
Patrick Schalk Sep 15, 2011
Hahahahaha this is the same design as the SLS on here. What a fail. Creativity doesn't exist at Mansory.
Robert G Boulay Sep 15, 2011
Sorry, but looks to me like it's at the masking and pre-painting stage, and waiting for its glorious finish.
Description: They are some of the most versatile guys in the game, giving the Bentley Continental GT a wide range of customizable options. The coupe gets a sport-style body kit which was aerodynamically engineered...
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Description: The Boys from Brand have also tweaked the engine to optimize performance from the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder motor. A revamped ECU, sports air filter and a sports exhaust also help the co...
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Sebastian Grey Sep 15, 2011
I would never change the exhaust on a Bentley, the sound they make is just too original to mess with.
Axel Cousins Sep 15, 2011
Now that is a nice Bentley but not the nicest one I have seen.
Eddie Filipovic Sep 15, 2011
Yeah, not really sure why they need two but it's either an air-brake or for added downforce at high speeds.
Jordan Smith Sep 15, 2011
What's up with the spoiler behind the rear window?
Luis Daniel Angilello Sep 15, 2011
This looks like a hot dog exploded in there
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 15, 2011
The forbidden creamsicle interior.