Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Lancia Flavia Cabrio

Published: Sep 15, 2011
Description: As expected, Lancia has rolled out their newly rebadged Chrysler 200 Convertible at the Frankfurt Auto Show. With its new name, Fiat is hoping the addition to their Lancia lineup will help rejuvenate ...
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Description: Power for the Flavia will come from a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 175hp and is mated to a six-speed automatic. No word yet whether Fiat/Chrysler will offer the Flavia with a manua...
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Simon Trépanier Sep 15, 2011
No manual? The last generation Sebring was avaiable in Europe with manual trany and a diesel from VW (TDI 140 hp).
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 15, 2011
Please Lancia i want the Fulvia or the Delta ... Bring it back!! But not a rebadged Chrisler
Duncan Gibson Sep 15, 2011
Their girls aren't even hot
Benni Serious Sep 15, 2011
The whole range of rebadged chrysler products will be the end of Lancia. Sad.
Czezar Csongor Sep 16, 2011
I think the car looks good.... I use to drive it for 2 weeks in Hawaii, it was not bad at all!
Phillip Greene Sep 15, 2011
shut up bro your just hating cuz its a Chrysler you have no idea what it is or how nice it is you Just see an American name and jump to hating
Nathaniel Young Sep 15, 2011
Wow, a Chrysler with lancia written on it, idiots..
Zachary Maurer Sep 15, 2011
Similar badge though
Zachary Maurer Sep 15, 2011
Stop ur hatin, Korean cars ar awsome
Knox Ferraro Sep 16, 2011
I really like that the paint is white. VERY nicely done, Chryslancia.