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Published: Sep 15, 2011
Description: This is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated cars of this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. The all-new 2012 BMW M5 comes to us courtesy of the good people from Munich, but unlike the previous ge...
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Edgar Jauregui Oct 10, 2011
Ya the zr1 and zo6 are sport coups and are in another league but the cts-v's got nothing on this ;) (performance or looks)
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
The vette I can understand that the ZR1 and Z06 are faster around a track and achieve the same 205 MPH top speed as this M5 but the CTS-V fanboys are now just gonna start hating and calling ugly when they know that this M5 looks way better than a CTS
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
@Zain I suspect carry on as usual, due to the fact that its still slower
Zain Sheikh Sep 16, 2011
What you Gonna do know vette and CTS-V fanboys
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
How quick it revs depends a lot on the weight of the internals, the sensitivity of the throttle body, among other things. The LFA revs so fast because it's internals are very light. Same way with the Porsche engines, no counter-weights on the crank
Todd Randall Sep 16, 2011
that car is HEAVY :( and the lfa is an overpriced supra
Johnny Francis Sep 15, 2011
Haha I'm just saying typically. The LFA is just godly.
Ken Madison Sep 15, 2011
Scratch that, remembering my source on that makes me seriously doubt the validity of that statement.
Ken Madison Sep 15, 2011
The amount of cylinders doesn't really effect the amount of time to rev (I believe). Weight is the most important factor, the more a car weighs, the quicker the RPMs climb to pull the car.
Enes Kaya Sep 15, 2011
Brady that's coz it's got a small displacement:)
Brady Nusbaum Sep 15, 2011
The LFA goes from idle to 9k in .6 seconds and that's a v10 sooooo
Johnny Francis Sep 15, 2011
No, less cylinders equals less time to reach higher rpms. 4 banger will reach 6K quicker than a 8 or 10 cylinder.
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Sep 15, 2011
CAFE standards people...a smaller engine with turbos not only gives the performance equivalent to the V10, it also gives higher MPG
Scott Harrington Sep 15, 2011
having a v10 just sound cool. I wish they kept it
Andrew Grimm Sep 15, 2011
Slot of people complain about it bot having the V10, but I'm just fine with it honestly
Michael Davidson Sep 15, 2011
Nice, I like the sound of this
Chris Naidu Sep 20, 2011
I wonder how this compares to the upcoming S8 ?
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
I wasn't sold on it first time I saw it but it has definetely grown on me since then
Law Patrickus Sep 16, 2011
Love at first sight. Those dreamy eyes...
Kenneth Williams Sep 15, 2011
Yea to the right is a 6
Troi Stoessel Sep 15, 2011
Definitely a big step up from the previous model.
Ahmed Hanif Sep 15, 2011
@Alex I think it's 6 series
Alex Cameron Sep 15, 2011
New 3 series in the back?
Description: It can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. However, with the addition of the optional M Driver's Package, top speed increases to 190mph.

Other changes f...
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Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
In terms of driving pleasure the BMW beats caddy anyday
Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
Corvettes are just cheap toys to be used on track only 1 corvette IMO is good which is ZR1 cause it's actually comfy on the road. But a GTR can beat it on a track for 20K less money
Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
I don't like corvettes theyre crap compared to the Beastely GT40. And most recently BMW came in 2nd for 24 HR race and it wasn't corvette. And since 2000 is compared to BMW motorsport history which is since 1978 from the birth of the M1 .
Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
So a car that's unreliable is a car that would break down in 20K miles . Well that M3 you see in my profile pic is my cousins and it has 47K miles and it hasn't had any major problems. And it's spanked Camaros round the track Lancaster track
Zain Sheikh Sep 24, 2011
I love Cadillac , my dad has a 1988 Limited gold edition Eldorado which is made me fall in love with cars. And that what caddys standard should be . The CTSV is a good car but the M5 is just better
Zain Sheikh Sep 24, 2011
Well who came in 2nd this year in 24 hours race . And does the corvette have over 12 titles and 15 race wins as the M3. I suppose not.
Zain Sheikh Sep 23, 2011
Chris, people know M power has been the most dominant team in motorsport and they build better road and track cars than caddy and have been for over 25 yrs and you just have to live with the fact
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Sep 21, 2011
You guys are all arguing but what really matters is the fact that this car is going to out sale the cts-v in America lol for 30k more because people enjoy BMW more because they are the cars that started the sports sedan segment
Chris Naidu Sep 21, 2011
I think putting the next Gen S8 or RS7 against the next M5 is a better match up. The Corvette is not meant to fight those but rather offer some performance at a bargain price. I don't think the caddy can really stack up either because to be honest especially in terms of luxury and sophistication yah can't top the Germans but it will cost yah. The R8 GT is a good match up against the ZR1 but it w...
Zain Sheikh Sep 20, 2011
@Chris top gear proved that a BMW 850Ci which was 17 yrs older than a Mercedes sl600 was more reliable than it cause the Mercedes broke down a week later and the BMW still worked perfectly . And there interior is way better than CTSV
Chris Naidu Sep 20, 2011
wonder how it will stack up against the upcoming S8.........
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
And don't even bring up the ZR1 in this it's a Muscle car performance
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
the M5 has way better interior and it's a BMW so it's gonna last longer not only in the realworld but also in you're heart . Trust me my cousins m3 Won my heart the minute I got in
Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2011
Check on the Chevrolet website Anthony, it says the ZR1 0-60 is 3.4 seconds.
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
And on the CTS-V crap: it's still ugly and still not very luxurious compared to zee Germans There's a reason it's cheaper...
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
So is it still slower than the old E60 (204mph) or is the limit just raised to 190mph?
Anthony Villa-Garcia Sep 17, 2011
Chris i want you to walk into a cadillac dealership and ask how much is to walk out the door with a cts-v, then tell me it's under 65k.
Josh Sutton Sep 16, 2011
This M5 is better than the current CTS-V, but I can't see GM not making any improvements to it.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Sep 16, 2011
Ctsv is like 0-60 4.1-4.3 (perfect launch) 80k < Bmw m5 0-60 4.4 $93k < e63 amg package 0-60 4.2s ~$102k
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Wouldn't call a CTS-V cheap. And I agree, give me a big NA over a turbo anyday of the week. You don't get that stab of acceleration with a turbo, its more of a climb.
Jordan Smith Sep 16, 2011
Again, it's also a lot more expensive.
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 16, 2011
@Chris, yeah, but compare Cadillac sales to those of Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc. Cadillacs are a relatively rare thing on European roads, yet the german big three are everywhere. GM have focused on Vauxhall/Opel and Cadillac are an after thought here.
Ken Madison Sep 15, 2011
100mm turbos on a 2.4L I4 running the same boost as 100mm turbos on a ford 5.4 or LS3 will result in the 5.4/LS3 putting out more power to weight.
Ken Madison Sep 15, 2011
Well John, sorry to tell you, new generation small block V8s put out better power to weight ratios than the little engines when naturally aspirated and when using forced induction for the most part.
Morgan Dame Sep 15, 2011
I never see any m5s and wonder whose gonna sell more cars BMW or mercedes because the e63 has a faster 0-60 time
Zachary Maurer Sep 15, 2011
Idk but a v10 just sounds more exculisive than a v8
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 15, 2011
Problem is, opinion on the cars themselves aside, the rest of the world doesnt really buy Cadillacs. They've had to pull out of the UK twice in the past twenty years due to poor sales. For some reason, GM just doesnt seem to market them properly here
Sebastian Grey Sep 15, 2011
I agree CTS-V is the best four-door saloon.
Michael Palazzo Sep 15, 2011
I prefer natural aspiration big engines, but that's just me
Ross Turner Sep 15, 2011
Who cares about a v10, the model before that had a v8
Roberto Arteaga Sep 15, 2011
What happene to the tri-turbo diesel???
No Pistons Sep 15, 2011
But im speaking under track conditions
No Pistons Sep 15, 2011
On a straight, 170 and 140 makes a huge difference
Cory Billig Sep 15, 2011
And besides who the hell goes that fast on highways..American ones at least
Tom Franquelli Sep 15, 2011
Cory is right, one is what a true driver would want, the other is a pissing contest.
Jesse Weis Sep 15, 2011
Thats 8 miles slower than a 458
Jaimie Potts Sep 15, 2011
It's normally restricted to 155 mph.
Andrew Grimm Sep 15, 2011
Well the M package removes the top speed limiter, which is 155. That's why it's such a huge jump
Michael Davidson Sep 15, 2011
That's a pretty big top speed jump
Description: BMW has also recently unveiled pricing, which will begin at $93,000, but various options will easily push it over the $100k mark. The 2012 M5 will be coming to dealerships in the US and Europe in the ...
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Hugo Gunnarsen Feb 09, 2012
Ruben, if you really worked for BMW you should know 1) 4.4s is 0-62, 2) BMW always underrated their cars, 3) conditions matter and finally M5 F10 is tested a 3.7s 0-60. Don't compare mfg claim with 1ft rollout under optimal conditions.
Czezar Csongor Sep 16, 2011
Price-wise I would go with a 2012 Charger SRT8
Rueben J Yslas Sep 16, 2011
@jimmy Sorry but the cts-v is still faster than the m5 Cts-v wit the crappiest driver is 4.2 0-60 and wit a great driver 3.9-4.0 seconds. And 191 mph wit a manual @ken I drive alot I already have almost 36000 miles on my car and it's driven hard
Ken Madison Sep 15, 2011
How bad are you beating on that Camaro? I never had to take my F body to the shop and I was running that thing balls to the ball with modifications to that LS1.
Rueben J Yslas Sep 15, 2011
4-5 months not weeks
Rueben J Yslas Sep 15, 2011
It was a turn off on these cars too see the same 1 every like 2 too three weeks bcuz my 2010 camaro doesn't see the shop for like 4-5 and I'm hard on my car always driving hard.
Rueben J Yslas Sep 15, 2011
Wow 100k is ridiculous I'm so glad that I worked for BMW bcuz I kno how often these cars have problems. I'm goin for cts-v it's faster and a more beautiful interior.
Julian Rasolko Dec 15, 2012
Love it... Saw it at the auto show march 2012
alpinab3 Apr 01, 2012
this Car are nice !!!!!!! =)
Sebastian Grey Sep 15, 2011
@Carlos Get the VIP Forza 4 and you will be able to hear what he has to say in autovista mode.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 15, 2011
True !!!!!! Let see what Jeremy Clarkson has to say abaut the new M5
Eddie Filipovic Sep 15, 2011
Looks pretty damn good... But I still like the V10 version more, and likely sound A LOT better than the new one. But I also don't doubt that the performance of new one will be a noticeable step up from V10.
Kev Berkel Sep 18, 2011
@borphan agreed. You can hardly recognize the M's nowadays if you aren't an enthusiast. I'll almost drive off the road going "m5! V10!" and my buddy will go "eh? Didn't see it"
Josh Sutton Sep 16, 2011
Oh man that Ranger would be fun.
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Sorry, but in what way is this a sleeper? A sleeper is my buddy's 96 Ranger with a 383 stroker
Law Patrickus Sep 16, 2011
Nice E30 up top haha
Borphan Limthong Sep 15, 2011
Badge says m5 on the back
Morgan Dame Sep 15, 2011
I love sleepers because a regular guy would just say it's a BMW but a car nut knows it's an m5
Michael Bichay Sep 15, 2011
Then go buy a overstyled Sonata..
Borphan Limthong Sep 15, 2011
Styling of the m editions are starting to look boring
Nilton Manuel Paula Oct 13, 2011
La meilleure vue que peut avoir la nouvelle M5!
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Sep 21, 2011
Caddies are great in a straight line I'll give them that but in terms of shear driver enjoyment BMW wins hands down all day long
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
And the previous M5 had more power weighed less and tuned chassis from BMW unlike the previous CTSV . so this new M5 compares with the new CTSV AND IT WINS AGAIN
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
@Shane the M5 is 4 secs faster round the ring even though it's heavier and more equipped because the M cars are famous for their chassis . I give caddy credit for making a really good car but the previous M5 should be compared to the previous CTSV...
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 17, 2011
No no a beetle even better for Justin lol
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 17, 2011
@Αrdo, this is so funny man! He should drive a mini btw..
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 17, 2011
M power is is not just numbers... It is how it feels! Btw this M was 4 sec faster on Nurbugring by the GTS so who is faster? Anyway serious now it's up to personal taste..these cars are almost identical in performance and in EU u don't see cadies
Ardo Soso Sep 17, 2011
I can't wait to see what G-Power does to this one :)))))) Btw Justin Bieber drives a cadillac cts-v so that make BMW better... again....
Alex Cougar Hunting Santaspirt Sep 16, 2011
I would take a V over an M any day or the week
Shane Carroll Sep 16, 2011
Wow, SOMEbody's a BMW fanboy. Sorry, but the CTS-V is faster, and no matter how much you want to believe orherwise, thats how it is. The end
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 16, 2011
M5 rules as it always does the last is the epitome of technology and performance! Also who would compare BMW with a Cadillac?? European cars are far more advanced guys and you know that..
Bright Spark Sep 15, 2011
Stunning, absolute art
Ron Vinson Sep 15, 2011
Quad exhaust is hot here. I agree.
Michael Palazzo Sep 15, 2011
good lookin quad exhaust
Patrick Schalk Sep 15, 2011
Don't really like BMW but I love me some M5