Description: The see-through Subaru BRZ got a lot of people in Geneva excited about the new coupe from the Japanese automaker. Covered in a plastic shell, the car drew quite a bit of attention at the March showcas...
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Domenic Biamonte Oct 23, 2011
I hope who ever designed this thing gets put in prison.
Sebastian Grey Sep 14, 2011
That is bollocks. Subaru is just cocking around now. Show us the real car dammit.
Description: Now, maybe this is considered ‘Japanese microchic' but for those of us hoping to see more of the rear-wheel-drive coupe it's a bit disappointing. Apparently Subaru will bring the close-to-pr...
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Luke Walch Sep 16, 2011
So the Toyota is a 2.5 and the Subi is a 2.0?
Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
The japanese automaker just wants to make the debut on home turf
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
@Carter very spacious, loads of leg room
Luke Walch Sep 16, 2011
Sweet Mitsubishi Eclipse
Keaton Smith Sep 14, 2011
Looks like an Aston Martin to me for some reason, anyone agree?
Mike Conrad Sep 14, 2011
They certainly took the safest route with general shape of this coupe, making it less surprising/innovative and probably just boring.
Jonathan Fowler Sep 14, 2011
Ohhhhhhh. So that's where the driver is supposed to go! Really Subaru? This is quite boring. Go ahead and show us the STi edition and give us all something to really look forward to. Oh, and painted body panels would be a plus.
Jason Hsu Sep 14, 2011
Subaru should have made this all wheel drive from the start! Do we really need a re-badged version of the FT-86? When was the last time Subaru made a rwd car? 1970's?
Sebastian Grey Sep 14, 2011
Haha there's nobody standing around it because it's rubbish.
Brad Wood Sep 14, 2011
Simply strange to me to do this at a major auto show. Disappointing.
Duncan Gibson Sep 14, 2011
That's sick. Not too safe though...