Description: German NASCAR aka Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) isn't such a popular racing series in the U.S. but its racecars are pretty awesome compared to our Car of Tomorrow. The new racing series kick...
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Andrew Potter Sep 14, 2011
Couple of child seats in the back and I'd be off to pick up the kids in this.
Jack Higgins Sep 14, 2011
I agree. The best touring car championship right now is V8 Aussie supercars. DTM is pretty boring, no matter how cool the cars are.
Shane Gardner Sep 14, 2011
Fitchew, go find some DTM fans. They have been outright appalled by the quality of the racing going on in the DTM as of late. Calling DTM the German NASCAR if anything lately would be a compliment that is undeserving. Hopefully the new cars help.
Ken Madison Sep 14, 2011
Too bad stock cars can pull something like 1.5 or 1.6 Gs.....
Phillip Fitchew Sep 14, 2011
Calling this German NASCAR? Id be offended if I were DTM. there's no way the left turn circuit has anything on these finely crafted automobiles. The difference in technology used and innovation is staggering... German NASCAR... HA!
Shane Gardner Sep 14, 2011
DTM racing is crap, the cars are cool looking though.
Jason Brower Sep 14, 2011
I always love a dtm car.
Ken Madison Sep 14, 2011
I'm liking the way these cars look
Sam Sprunger Sep 14, 2011
Advertising for the Deutsche Post
Sam Oglesby Sep 14, 2011
what's with the weird number plate
Description: The Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Coupe features a carbon fiber monocoque that supports a high-strength rollcage and energy-absorbing crash structures. These two additions help protect the driver enormously in ...
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Ken Madison Sep 14, 2011
I think NASCAR should allow the used of 6 speed transmissions like everyone else...
Ken Madison Sep 14, 2011
Very different from NASCAR.
Description: The A5 is also equipped with a strong carbon-fiber monocoque that was combined with a steel tube cage. It is less powerful than the Mercedes C-Coupe getting only 460hp out of the A4's V8 engine. ...
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Jack Higgins Sep 14, 2011
Yeah it is very high downforce.
Eddie Filipovic Sep 14, 2011
Wow, I bet the downforce generated over the front axels is excellent.
Maxwell Ramirez Sep 15, 2011
I'm sorry "nick Benz" why would the color matter?! In a car like this there is only a handful of things to talk about, aerodynamics, hp, torque, just to name a few COLOR is NOT one of them!
Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
It sort of looks like a christmas tree ornament. I wish it was in a different base color.
Mike Conrad Sep 15, 2011
Civic ricers would drool over that spoiler.