Comments - Frankfurt 2011: BMW i8 Concept

Published: Sep 14, 2011
Description: Although BMW hasn't exactly been stingy with the details of the new i8 up until now, the Frankfurt Auto Show served as the venue for the car's official debut. BMW is calling it "the mos...
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Russell Kopke Sep 29, 2011
Int move well advertised.
Description: Most significant is that the 1.5-liter diesel engine has been replaced by a gasoline engine with the same displacement. This allows for 80mpg for the fuel economy, although the rating in the US would ...
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Mathew Caleb Stanfield Sep 21, 2011
@Jason yeah and the fact that the imperial gallon is totally different than a US gallon too
Zain Sheikh Sep 14, 2011
This will be an Epic BMW
Jason Brower Sep 14, 2011
It's funny because that not really it. The way the EPA tests cars for fuel efficiency is different than the EU. Simple as that.
Travis Hood Sep 14, 2011
1 Imperial gallon = 1.20095042 US gallons
Rodney Rogers Junior Sep 14, 2011
That's cuz litres are less than half of a gallon, which they use. And we use, well gallons.
Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
Oh right english gallons are different than US.
Kenneth Williams Sep 14, 2011
Europe uses liters don't they?
Michael Palazzo Sep 14, 2011
ya, not really sure why they always lower the mpgs here, the Mercedes E350 diesel in Europe gets somewhere along 70 mpg, but here its not even 30.
Alex Sharp Sep 14, 2011
He means, because theyre a German company, they likely used a European gallon, which is different than an American gallon. People on here schooled me on this before, hope Ive still got it right.
Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
Oh is 80 mpg too high for the americans? No mpg should be too high.
Description: This is able to offset the weight stemming from the heavy electric drive components. It also features something called PRO ECO mode, a setting that allows the driver to utilize the most energy efficie...
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Bob Thebuilder Sep 14, 2011
Saw these both in Chicago when they were shooting the commercial - the i8 looked decent :/
Shawn Robinson Sep 14, 2011
But an" I " pod/pad/phone just isnt the same without the " I "
Eddie Filipovic Sep 14, 2011
@Phillip, very true.
Phillip Greene Sep 14, 2011
even you are apple it sounds stupid
Eddie Filipovic Sep 14, 2011
Looks promising and numbers sound good. But I hate the iSomething name. If you're not apple, it just sounds stupid to have the "i" before the name.
Description: It's reportedly been tested in cold weather around the Arctic Circle. Whether owners will actually consider such a trip to one of the planet's most extreme weather climates is another issue,...
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Dan Ruth Sep 15, 2011
Concept cars sure have come a long way.
Ferdinand Glen Saputro Sep 15, 2011
This car is gonna debut in mission impossible: ghost protocol
Phillip Alexander Sep 15, 2011
Dude it says like two pages ago that production is slated for two years from now, calm down. It's not like they're claiming it will travel in time and BMW doesn't need to allocate funds for it.
Kelvin Hampton Jr. Sep 14, 2011
I would do anything to get that car
Landon Combass Sep 14, 2011
Okay I've been seeing pictures of this car for forever!!! WTF BMW!? all they do is release pictures of this "concept" It will NEVER be made. I saw a picture of this "concept" years ago.
Duncan Gibson Sep 14, 2011
Cool look. A bit radical with the doors, but that's easily fixed
Tyler Dunn Sep 14, 2011
If I ever see one of these on the road ,which is highly unlikely, I will loteraly cum my pants.
George Lorenzo Cuevas Sep 14, 2011
Such a greatttttttttt looking cat
Zain Sheikh Sep 14, 2011
@Carlos 0-60 in 4.6 Secs and you think this needs a V8.
Jesus Cabral Sep 14, 2011
wow this car is Really Amazing i wud buy this In a Heart-beat :) I also love the Tron kinda Look they shud of put it in the Movie IMO
Troi Stoessel Sep 14, 2011
@Travis. I agree - go fast and save on gas. 0-60 in 4.8 is good - I'm sure there will be upgrades to make it faster. Save the trees so we can breathe.
Travis Hood Sep 14, 2011
Many people, including myself, would love to go fast without paying too much for gas.
Matt Robbins Sep 14, 2011
It's not the industry that demands it, it's the blasted governments and tree huggers.
Nate Schwaner Sep 14, 2011
Carlos: this concept is slightly based on gas mileage. Not that I'm disagreeing it would be sick but a v8 just wouldn't hit the same fuel economy that the industry demands
Ydj Young Sep 14, 2011
I would buy this without thinking! Great design.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 14, 2011
I like this car but it should have the twin turbo V8 from the M5
Nelson Barrera Mendoza Nov 08, 2011
They don't look very safe but still interesting
Duncan Gibson Sep 14, 2011
Devin, I can think of several companies that do.
Devin Wowk Sep 14, 2011
They'll never make it. It's just to radical. No company ever puts out the cars that are sooo different.
Travis Hood Sep 14, 2011
This car could use a similar tech with the Merc's Magic Sky Control roof in the SLK.
Jonathan Romero Sep 14, 2011
Hard to get privasy in this car if iknow what I mean lol
Nate Schwaner Sep 14, 2011
Ha! There's always tint
Law Patrickus Sep 14, 2011
And what if I Like to drive without pants.. Jk
Dan Bousquet Sep 16, 2011
i dont care that its a bloody prius i want one
Dan Bousquet Sep 16, 2011
Zain Sheikh Sep 14, 2011
This car is a concept that can and must make it. It's been tested in snow on a track . But BMW always tends to not make stuff at the last minute ehich pisses me off
Jake Devon Sep 09, 2016
But it happened
El Gunner Jan 07, 2012
What an Awesome design on this car
Matthew van der Linde Sep 15, 2011
Like something out of tron-i like it :)
Chris Dimattia Sep 15, 2011
Electricity comes from coal!
Czezar Csongor Sep 15, 2011
I don't like it either... Somehow it is not a BMW anymore....
Solja Watts Sep 15, 2011
Is it me or if i was driving one down the street I'll feel embarrassed
Michael Gallagher Sep 14, 2011
"we can be futuristic, but it won't happen". I do like the design though, very sleek and a lot of curves
Jake Devon Sep 09, 2016
It was made
Jonathan Tjandra Sep 15, 2011
See this car at "Mission Imposible 4"
Landon Combass Sep 14, 2011
I hate how companies release these futuristic concepts that will never be made.