Comments - Frankfurt 2011: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition

Published: Sep 14, 2011
Description: As the Frankfurt Auto Show heats up, Jeep is releasing a new edition of their 2012 Jeep Wrangler to cool down the premier German auto event. Scheduled to debut later this week, the Arctic Edition of t...
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Zachary Maurer Sep 21, 2011
Ohhh hemi based wranglers, hear us jeep
Tyler Chess Sep 16, 2011
Chevy sourced??? Can't be right lol
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
They are putting the Pentastars in the 2012 Wranglers.
Simon Trépanier Sep 14, 2011
The Pentastar is avaiable in the Caravan and Journey in Europe... Why not in the Jeep? Make no sens...
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
The Hemi is still around. Just not in the Wranglers
Wyatt Clark Sep 14, 2011
What happened to Chrystler's Hemi?
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
@Zachary maybe, but it seems like the pentastar was developed to help out European sales, the old gas I6 wasn't much on power or mpg. I figured they'd get a new engine before we would
Shane Gardner Sep 14, 2011
No way they are using Chevy engines.
Zachary Maurer Sep 14, 2011
Well this only for Europe, soooo mabeythey can't get pentistars
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
Yeah a chevy-sourced V6 makes no sense
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
Chevy sourced? Do you mean Pentastar?
Description: Designed for the Wrangler Sahara and Sahara Unlimited, the new styling includes bespoke Ice Blue paint and Yeti-inspired badging throughout the cabin and exterior. The logos are found on the bumper, M...
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Robby Bradford Sep 18, 2011
@Shane styling? Not a whole lot
Shane Gardner Sep 14, 2011
This thing looks like a waste, paint scheme and badging but doesn't do anything remarkable in freezing temperatures? What's the point?
Michael Page Sep 14, 2011
No kidding, the wrangler is prime for a diesel in the u.s. The diesel patriot has too many quality flaws to really be a good off roader
Connor Smyth-Hammond Sep 14, 2011
Bring it to the US! I've always wanted a diesel jeep
Mike Conrad Sep 15, 2011
At least it looks tidier and more put-together.
Duncan Gibson Sep 14, 2011
Yes but this car... What's thee point?
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
Kinda like a 911. You either hate it or learn to love it, cuz it aint changing anytime soon
Kevin Rehbock Sep 14, 2011
This is the look that sells. Don't change it.
Zachary Maurer Sep 14, 2011
If it ain't broke don't fix it
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 14, 2011
Like the new grand cherokee?
Jonathan Romero Sep 14, 2011
I like jeeps but this is just another tipical lookin jeep.. They need to start producing something new from scratch that still says jeep but with a whole new evolved look..
Luke Walch Sep 16, 2011
I just drove Trail Ridge road through RMNP up over 12k and hit snow and rain. Left the top off my jeep the whole time. It was super fun and as long as you keep moving you never get wet. Ran the heater and it was fine.
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
@Jonathan my thoughts exactly. The one thing I want in sub-zero temperatures is lots of outside air moving around inside
Jonathan Graif Sep 14, 2011
And I'm sure they will take the top off alot on this "arctic edition"
Luke Walch Sep 16, 2011
I did some Winter Dew Tour marketing for Toyota and we made a Yeti mascot but it was way meaner than that! should have TMed it I guess? Oh well... But I like the look of this Jeep and it would sell in Colorado for sure.
Kevin Rehbock Sep 15, 2011
Some small company was able to make a Commander to traverse northern arctic glaciers. pretty sure they could make a wrangler do the same
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
Haha I'm not upset at all. I never was. I just think it's funny that some people actually think and expect Jeep to make an actual arctic capable vehicle. I mean they could, just not in mass quantities. Like the Pork Chop or Nukizer.
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
Yeah a specific company or private owner. Not a company. People are taking this thing too literally. Like yourself.
Wyatt Clark Sep 14, 2011
Honestly, you could make a real artic-weather Jeep pretty easy
Wyatt Clark Sep 14, 2011
Patrick they already make cars and trucks that do. Your being a little dramatic....
Patrick Schalk Sep 14, 2011
Guys do you know how expensive and dumb it would be to actually produce a Jeep that could constantly withstand sub zero temperatures? VERY
Shane Carroll Sep 14, 2011
Haha I like that. Adds some character
Nick Smith Sep 14, 2011
Nick, they say in the article that it doesn't have any "arctic equipment"...but if that means you still get a Wrangler, it will still more than suffice off-road.
Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
This car is straight up DUMB. Good luck driving through snow drifts with pizza cutter tires. Youll never take the roof off, it doesnt come with special equipment. Its a gray/blue jeep with black rims and fancy stitching on the seats. This fails.
Jason Hsu Sep 14, 2011
That's the Beast from X-Men, lol!
Gerald Guevara Sep 14, 2011
I think they should get rid of the snowman on the speedometer