Comments - Frankfurt 2011: 2012 Bentley Continental GTC

Published: Sep 14, 2011
Description: Bentley has officially unveiled their new 2012 Bentley Continental GTC luxury sports coupe at Germany's premiere auto show.

First details of the luxury convertible were revealed online in...
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Description: And as of last month, some 4,016 Bentley's have been delivered to customers throughout the world, thus giving them their best sales year so far since 2008. A major source of success? The Chinese ...
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Mason Christopher Thomas Sep 14, 2011
Would luv to see a hard top
Description: A six-speed automatic is the sole transmission offered. Performance-wise, the GTC can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 195mph.

Can't see the design difference...
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Description: Buyers are privileged to choose from some 17 hide colors, six color combinations, and seven veneers. Bentley has also added an updated nav system that has advanced satellite navigation and Google Map ...
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Josh Myers Nov 11, 2011
Body looks kinda like a Chrysler 300
Duncan Gibson Sep 14, 2011
This is boxy, even for a bently
Jt Collier Sep 14, 2011
Far from crap, would Christopher Walken sit in a car with a crap interior? I think not. That is, obviously Christopher Walken.