Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Toyota Avensis

Published: Sep 13, 2011
Description: The third generation Toyota Avensis has just made its debut at the 64th edition of the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Avensis range features upgraded styling, powertrains, quality and driving dynamics. An u...
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Description: A new front grille gives the wagon a more aggressive look. Under the unchanged front-end there is a revised 2.0-liter D-4D engine that reduces CO2 emissions by 20g/km. The 124hp engine is equipped...
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Cearbhall Beggan Sep 13, 2011
Just doesn't look realistic w/o the taxi roof sign...
Eric Guillemette Sep 13, 2011
Toyota has gone downhill. Boring slow cars. The only vehicle I'n their line up that i would drive would be TRD Tacoma or tundra. Even then I'd take a seirra over the tundra
Mike Hawk Sep 13, 2011
I'm sure it's better quality than a hyundai/Kia, but it looks soooo boring
Jesus Guerra Sep 13, 2011
Haha it does look like a jetta.
Sean Phannaphob Sep 13, 2011
Front side windows looks like civic's.
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 13, 2011
Nevermind it's 4 door.
Shawn Robinson Sep 19, 2011
Acura TSX Sports Wagon ??!!
Carl Tirella Sep 13, 2011
It looks like they superglued a bunch of plastic and claimed high quality
Asim Butt Sep 13, 2011
Interior is complete copy of corolla 2011, outside looks are hideous and ugly , clearly they should launch corolla 2011 in uk, which is much better car and very successful all over the world , new corolla has been a clear hit all over the world with 129 gm co2 emission and mini camry looks , I think British public will not buy this ugly looking car ever.
Eric Guillemette Sep 13, 2011
The quality reminds me of the new dodges. "ages 4+ snap together model"
Ken Louise Sep 13, 2011
Centre console looks boring. And cheap.