Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Maserati Kubang SUV Concept

Published: Sep 13, 2011
Description: Maserati has just revealed their previously leaked SUV at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The neatly-lined SUV shows that Maserati is no stranger to designing SUVs. The original Kubang concept made its ...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
And when people ask what model it is, you can yell KUBANG! And scare the crap out of them
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
They called it that cuz that's wut be goin on in the back seat!
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 13, 2011
Kubang? There is a reason it is auto-corrected lunacy.
Description: Porsche, Eterniti, Lexus amongst others already have thrown their hats into the ring and Maserati should face some stiff competition breaking into the market. The four-door SUV is styled like a coupe ...
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Shaun Conroy Sep 14, 2011
Nope, your wrong. The current Grand Cherokee shares a platform with the 10 year old M-Class.
Jeremy Siebert Sep 13, 2011
Ummmm, lose the naive bias guys. I know it's been a couple years, but the Grand Cherokee was engineered while Chrysler was still owned by Mercedes. It's the same platform as the newest Mercedes ML class, and the Durango was simply stretched.
Patrick Schalk Sep 13, 2011
Eterniti IS Porsche. Their suv IS a Porsche Cayenne.
Michael Beach Sep 13, 2011
Why the heck would they use a Durango chassis?! They can afford better. The dodge parts will break too fast :D
Ken Louise Sep 13, 2011
Share platform with Jeep/Dodge? There goes Maserati's name down the drain. Not a special brand to me anymore with the way Fiat is marketing it.
David Markham Sep 13, 2011
Shame it took so long to take from concept. They 5years late to the party, missing a big chunk of the luxury SUV pie. Nice looking vehicle though.
Kent Sullivan Sep 13, 2011
Hopefully it's shared chassis isn't it's downfall
Ryan Kells Sep 22, 2011
It looks pretty good, but will it have similar faults to the quattraporte? And will Aston fire back?
Anuar Manjoi Abu Bakar Sep 17, 2011
I like this car n the brand
Jordan Smith Sep 14, 2011
Never mind. Just looked it up, and apparently they did already make one.
Jordan Smith Sep 14, 2011
Instead of a Maserati SUV, how about a Quattroporte wagon?
Zachary Maurer Sep 14, 2011
Looks pritty sweet, grills a little much though
James Rothwell Sep 14, 2011
Maserati has always been my favorite auto maker. This thing is sick
Josh Melhorn Sep 13, 2011
@Kevin, I know. Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
Not as exiting as I would expect from maserati.
Kevin Rehbock Sep 13, 2011
This looks better than I thought it would.
Joshua Adams Sep 13, 2011
I'm tired of the Buick ports on the fenders. Why not just a completely open port?
Brendan Kinzler Sep 13, 2011
Im really liking this
Renan Barreto Sep 13, 2011
It shouldn't cost over $100k, I would buy an HSE supercharged over one of these any day depending on Maserati's asking price.
Jesus Cabral Sep 13, 2011
Nice Truck but the Front Kinda Remindes me Of a Fish.
Andrew Potter Sep 13, 2011
Not bad looking shame about the name...Kubang? Hardly quattroporte
Ryan Kells Sep 22, 2011
The front screams Maserati while the back looks like that on a Chevrolet Traverse.
Mason Christopher Thomas Sep 13, 2011
The end just seems blah to me. The needed to jazz it up just a little bit more.
Chris Bevilaqua Sep 13, 2011
maserati needs to step there game up it looks like some peice of shit nissan!!
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Sep 13, 2011
Love child of cayenne + Q7? Lol I've seen the leaked picture of this car... And my god is it stunning
Bob Thebuilder Sep 13, 2011
Those taillights are beautiful!
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Sep 13, 2011
Porsche cayenne anyone?