Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Lotus Exige S and Rallye GT

Published: Sep 13, 2011
Description: Lotus is not entirely finished with the Exige just yet. Although it will no longer be sold in the U.S, the small British automaker has just revealed the 2012 Exige S, which they claim is the "ult...
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Andrew Potter Sep 14, 2011
Soo glad to see they have put in the powerplant this model deserved all along. Awesome
Edith Wharton Sep 14, 2011
This will be awesome. 35% more hp!
Edith Wharton Sep 14, 2011
Pretty much amazing! Especially the price. Idk the price but most likely under $100,000
Tanton Stoneman Sep 13, 2011
Best looking car lotus has made? Hell yeah!!
Tomas Franquelli Sep 13, 2011
Oh baby. Damn do I agree.
Andre Chomphilath Sep 13, 2011
I love this car,it's small and fast just perfect for me.....
Description: The Premium Pack adds some comfort, something the previous Exige wasn't exactly known for, and the Premium Sport Pack offers what Lotus calls "an internal space optimized for ultimate driver...
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David Tippett Sep 18, 2011
I have to agree, however performance wise this car is brilliant. Say you wanted a 4.0 porsche, you would be set back almost $40,000 more than with this car.
Michael Beach Sep 14, 2011
I hate that sticky tires are a big deal on performance packages. I can get those same tires mounted on my civic. You also gonna advertise the tank will be topped off with 93 octane when I pick it up too?
Description: Lotus is also offering a Race Pack option which adds a fourth driving mode: Race. This additional setting allows for the maximum possible traction coming out of corners. Additionally, the Race Pack of...
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Sage Washabaugh Sep 14, 2011
Launch control? Finally!
Brendan Kinzler Sep 13, 2011
Really i want this car
Jason Brower Sep 13, 2011
Why is this not being sold in the US?
Description: Other changes include a steel rollcage, front and rear underbody protection, Lexan side windows, an air scoop in the roof, a six-speed sequential gearbox, disc brakes, three-way adjustable front and r...
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Nick Benz Sep 14, 2011
Maybe in the front dude. This looks so sick though.
Edith Wharton Sep 14, 2011
Its pretty much a realistically priced henessey venom gt. Minus some speed
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
Looks almost like a Porsche... Very performance-y looking
Tanton Stoneman Sep 13, 2011
Looks like an esprit from that angle
Stephen Spackman Sep 13, 2011
Because the US auto industry is highly regulated I believe?
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 13, 2011
Looks like a Ferrari. PS why does Europe get all the good cars!
Andy Rogers Sep 14, 2011
Yet the RWD Lancia 037 managed to steal a WRC from Audi ;) But it was the last one... The only rallies an Exige can compete in are those rallies for fun. Nothing like WRC or really anything that isn't all on tarmac
Andy Rogers Sep 14, 2011
Must I remind you guys that all competitive rally cars are 4WD for a reason. This isn't the 70s when non-4WD car's could win. By the time the Audi Quattro came along, all FWD and RWD rally cars were all obsolete
Brendan Kinzler Sep 13, 2011
This is cool looking
Alfredo Diaz Sep 13, 2011
Ken block gots a mid engine ford fiesta so i think this will do just fine
Shane Carroll Sep 13, 2011
Sounds like the Stratos formula, mid-engined V6, rwd, short wheel base. Outta work, the Stratos beat the awd Quattro after all
Payne Hodges Wilson Sep 13, 2011
@Cody I don't see why you think it can't be a good rally car I think it could be pretty good I would probably prefer fwd or awd for rally but I still think this will be good I doubt it does anything super amazing like the old mini did but still good
Cody Jacques Sep 13, 2011
Lol silly Loatus thinks their wee little rwd car can be a rally car. Its kinda cute