Description: We've heard much about the new Land Rover Defender in concept form as the DC100, however now we know that the British brand plans to bring them into production in 2015. What we didn't know a...
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Description: They have finally mentioned a few gadgets the DC100 will feature, such as aerospace technology (and materials) and Terrain-i scanning for off-road action. A driver-activated spiked tire system should ...
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Joshua Adams Sep 13, 2011
I wanted to dislike the concept, but it's manifestation is brilliant. Nicely done.
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Sep 13, 2011
For the same reason a Wrangler can take the soft top off...this looks good
Chandler Bullins Nov 20, 2011
I might get that car
Braydon Pack Sep 14, 2011
Kinda gay give me the real deal where's my jeep?!?! Haha
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
To boxy as well. The front is OK tho
Weston Caloyer Sep 13, 2011
Ehh if I want a good looking smaller rang rover I'll get the evuoqe
Andrew Potter Sep 13, 2011
Love the hardcore version but the girly yellow thing with ground effects tray is not Defender. The guys at Khan did an excellent job. Take note landrover
Mason Lopez Sep 14, 2011
Head's Up Display is the future of viewing technology. BMW has introduced it and Audi has taken a step in this direction. Also, Volvo's new concept at Frankfurt include HUD technology.
Czezar Csongor Sep 14, 2011
Where are the gauges?
Shane Carroll Sep 13, 2011
I'd trust a Wrangler or an FJ to take me back in the trails and to get me home again. This, not so much
Nick Benz Sep 13, 2011
Plus i wouldnt want to thrash this through the rubicon. The cost of repairs would be astronomical. This new defender doesnt have the grit and toughness like its predecessor.
Nick Benz Sep 13, 2011
Minus the part about offroad capabilities. This could outperform the fj whn theyre both stock, very easily. But ultimately you could buy two fjs and upgrade them both to far beyond the offroad capability of this car for the price of this alone.
Nick Benz Sep 13, 2011
I was JUST about to say thay shane. Seriously.
Mason Christopher Thomas Sep 13, 2011
Is that a joystick on the dash
Peter Rotta Sep 13, 2011
To bland needs something on dash just looks boring