Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Ford Focus ST

Published: Sep 13, 2011
Description: Ford has been teasing us for a while, but it's finally here, the Focus ST. The production version of the ST looks familiar to anyone to saw the pre-production version at the Paris Motor Show, abo...
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Description: Ford's torque vectoring system incorporates the Focus's electronic power assisted steering and torque steer compensation system to deal all this power. As Ford told us, repeatedly, over the ...
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Zach Wedlund Sep 14, 2011
Lets just be glad they pulled there head out of theyre pipe and brought it over... I'll never understand why they waited so long though. Hard times come to make weak places stronger and this is as clear example that moniquer is still true.
Stephen Spackman Sep 13, 2011
The market for estates (wagons) is not that great in the US.
Patrick Schalk Sep 13, 2011
Even though I don't really like Ford, I think its really crappy how many euro exclusive cars they have. I don't understand how you would choose Europe over America as almost a primary market for these types of vehicles.
Mike Bradnan Oct 05, 2011
This hatch looks Great!! I want one.
Zach Wedlund Sep 14, 2011
Ya lets drop this Well engineered bar setting car that looks a little funny for that old steaming pile of cheapness that was out classed the moment it hit the asphalt in every possible vecter besides its chassis!!! Ya! Pfff
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 13, 2011
And also i think that the engine was a lot better and with one of the greatest sounds in the market
Ken Louise Sep 13, 2011
It's going to be a good car. But the looks is just awful.
Josh Vpark Attew Sep 13, 2011
I agree with carlos the older st and rs are better and cool to look at but this looks like a fish :(!!!! Why ford?!?!
Ryan Delano Thomas Sep 13, 2011
I love the new focus, it's more of an enthusiasts car now
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 13, 2011
I want back the old ST and RS!!!
Peter Rotta Sep 13, 2011
IMO put more supercars and stuff like a Terrafugia car look it up it's insane please do a article on it
Peter Rotta Sep 13, 2011
Carbuzz to many hatchbacks today
Nathaniel Young Sep 13, 2011
Nvm forgot to read the article haha, I think it looks worse from the back
Nathaniel Young Sep 13, 2011
This is the hatch....
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Sep 13, 2011
Why can't we get the estate? It's pretty good looking, we need the RS next in the states please
Travis Lee Deephouse Sep 13, 2011
Truly diggin the new ST. I'd love to get one!! Soon?
Ryan Delano Thomas Sep 13, 2011
Love the steering wheel and center console