Comments - Frankfurt 2011: Ford Fiesta ST Concept

Published: Sep 13, 2011
Description: Are you upset that VW doesn't bring the awesome Polo GTI over to the US? Well, they still aren't going to, but now Ford plans to give you the opportunity to buy a similar vehicle from them, ...
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Jon Ashley Oct 09, 2011
Fix the front grille and fords got a sale
Description: The ST looks good too, arguably even better than Polo GTI which it will compete with in certain markets. Ford is quick to point out that the little hot hatch draws inspiration from Ford's highly ...
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Stephen Spackman Sep 13, 2011
Yes ford, your Fiesta rally car is a great marketing tool. You have won 2 WRC events this year....
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Sep 13, 2011
Give me the gti. This is ugly.
Mike Conrad Sep 13, 2011
It looks mildly feminine I find, could be the headlights that give off that appearance.
Cooper Branham Sep 13, 2011
That pink ST looks a lot like sti at first glance
Trevor Brown Sep 13, 2011
I think it looks great
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
Now THIS is a fiesta I would buy.
Biswajyoti Das Sep 13, 2011
Ruined the looks of the Fiesta but I still like it since it is an ST!
Mike Conrad Sep 13, 2011
Luckily the hatch spoiler doesn't look terrible