Description: Tuesday marks the start of the 64th edition of the Frankfurt Auto Show. To make this show as memorable as possible, Lamborghini is bringing its incredible Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale to the...
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Jordan Smith Sep 13, 2011
Agreed, a 570 horsepower engine should definably put out more than that ;)
Jesse Weis Sep 13, 2011
570 hp out of a 570 hp engine...this fails to compute
Peter Bruschi Sep 13, 2011
lol 570 hp out of a 570 hp engine... fail
Sebastian Grey Sep 13, 2011
Actually that's metric horsepower so in the U.S. it would be putting out about 563 BHP
Sean Hodgson Sep 13, 2011
Just in! It's going to be AWD! Also it turns all the wheels! News brought to you by the redundancy office of lamborghini in the redundancy office!
Knox Ferraro Sep 13, 2011
Lamborghini's so nice you gotta say it twice that Lamborghini's so nice.
Edgar Borrero Sep 12, 2011
Oh WOW!!! A lambo with 570 hp that puts out 570 hp? Is Unreal!!
Parker Lamoreaux Sep 12, 2011
With the AWD/e-gear setup on these cars, I think 490-500hp to the wheels would be reasonable.
Kenneth Williams Sep 12, 2011
Just about every production car numbers are to the flywheel or the engine. They never tell you the WHP number. Gotta make it sound better than it is. But this car doesn't need it; it's to beautiful and amazing to have to lie. Come on lambo
Joey Pena Sep 12, 2011
they got the info from Lambo's official redundancy office of redundancy...
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 12, 2011
Surprised. Normally lambos say they have this much hp but don't make that much. It might have been 5.7l v10. Even so, I still call B.S. too.
Joshua Trillizio Sep 12, 2011
Yeah something fishy about a 570 hp engine putting out 570 hp, I'm going to call the B.S. Flag on this one
Chris Penza Sep 12, 2011
I wonder if this is the final edition. The gallardo is almost 10 years old
Luis A Villalpando Sep 12, 2011
I would have thought a 570hp engine would produce 500hp but I guess I was wrong after all.
Joseph Flieder Sep 12, 2011
I don't know Ken those numbers just don't match up
Ken Madison Sep 12, 2011
I'd hope a 570 hp engine would put out 570 hp...
Description: It can sprint from 0-62mph in a slight 3.4 seconds thanks in part to its all-wheel-drive setup. As mentioned earlier, Lamborghini will unveil their new ride in the next few days. Only 150 units will b...
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Nick Christensen Sep 13, 2011
If you're gonna make a special editon.....make it a little more special
Devan Welsh Sep 12, 2011
Hey! So can the Cadillac CTS! I'll admit this car is beautiful but come on Lamborghini,
Tyler James Davis Sep 12, 2011
I don't know... Sounds mor like 580HP to me...
TheLornin Apr 16, 2012
one word only: Beautiful
Liam Styles Sep 16, 2011
Best looking gallardo ever hope it drives as mean as it looks it's proper amazing
Zain Sheikh Sep 13, 2011
This is the meanest gallardo ever
Duncan Gibson Sep 13, 2011
More elegant inside and out than most lambos.
Biswajyoti Das Sep 13, 2011
It's just a Lamborghini gallardo with a rear wing. What's so special about this?
Christian De Prisco Sep 13, 2011
Lamborghini are not meant to be red...
Sam Oglesby Sep 13, 2011
yep and it looks like a lambo should
Michael Palazzo Sep 12, 2011
there's the normal gallardo, the Valentino Balboni, the Superleggera, the Performante, the Bicolore, & now this!
Tyler James Davis Sep 12, 2011
But not just any dodge viper, looked to have a really nice body kit with a thick high spoiler...
Tyler James Davis Sep 12, 2011
I saw a dodge viper at night in a candied deep red, i had a cargasm
Parker Lamoreaux Sep 12, 2011
Gallardo special edition number 15236545.....
Joshua Rutkowski Sep 12, 2011
I like a superlegera did it with a sesto elemento.
Zachary Maurer Sep 12, 2011
Agreed replacement here we come
Michael Palazzo Sep 12, 2011
looks nice like the other 5 or 6 versions there are of the gallardo.
Zachary Maurer Sep 12, 2011
That In lime green would be amazing, not ment for Michigan roads thow :(
Vincent Butler Sep 12, 2011
Beautiful. I'm just waiting for someone to say this looks ricey.
Tommy Ory Sep 12, 2011
Ok so it's really pretty, Like REALLY pretty, but it's basically just a normal one that will cost 50k more
Shane Carroll Sep 12, 2011
Looks great, but I'm ready for the replacement
Edith Wharton Sep 12, 2011
Wow that is sweet! Usually super cars that arent ferrari dont look good in red. This lambo looks amazing
Dylan Bures Sep 12, 2011
I like the intakes in the front. Reminds me of the balboni gallardo. Very attractive. Look better in blak or yellow
Tim van Leerdam Sep 12, 2011
This is something to call awesome!
Scott Lenahan Sep 12, 2011
Best color best car!
Chris Penza Sep 12, 2011
It's so beautiful I almost died
Chris Penza Sep 12, 2011
I think I just had a heart attack
Mason Christopher Thomas Sep 12, 2011
I think I just died inside8)
Axel Cousins Sep 15, 2011
That is hot. I love it, the red is such a nice red. The spoiler is perfect for this car.
Biswajyoti Das Sep 13, 2011
Some corelations about Lamborghinis: Reventon=Sesto Elemento concept. Murceilago SV=Gallardo Supre Trofeo
Sebastian Grey Sep 13, 2011
It probably needs that wing or they wouldn't put it on there. Lamborghini isn't really into those as you can see by their previous cars.
Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
Eh I don't like the big wing, I prefer the one on the Superleggera, or however you spell it.
Scott Gracey Sep 12, 2011
I gotta disagree, I love the huge wing
Andrew Grimm Sep 12, 2011
Honestly I think that's to big of a wing. But this thing is still beautiful
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 12, 2011
Just like the r8. 5 year old plus cars that look brand new. Buy both in a heartbeat if I had the money/wasn't so fat and could go to a Audi/Lamborghini dealership within a heartbeat.
Zain Sheikh Sep 13, 2011
Lamborghini maddest car company alive
Jesse Weis Sep 13, 2011
The devil drives a red diablo, this is what the people who sell their soul to the devil drive.
Keenan Casteel Sep 13, 2011
The best looking version of one of the best looking cars ever built.
Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
Nah the devil drives a metallic red Aventador, while his minions drive these.
Karveh Nafnaf Sep 12, 2011
This is What the devil drives
Kenneth Williams Sep 12, 2011
I want this car so bad. It can be in my dream collection
Adrian Gonzalez Sep 12, 2011
God bless Lamborghini..
Kenneth Williams Sep 13, 2011
They flocked the interior. Love the look. Or is that alcantra. Either way I like to say they flippin flocked this freaking car.
Ahmed Hanif Sep 12, 2011
A gear stick would have been great..
Jason Brower Sep 12, 2011
It's nice, not too overdone on the red. Good job lambo
Dave Durkee Sep 12, 2011
Haha everything about this car is great!