Comments - Brabus Rocket 800 Unveiled Ahead of Frankfurt

Published: Sep 12, 2011
Description: German tuner Brabus has just revealed their latest creation on the evening ahead of the Frankfurt Auto Show: the 2012 Brabus Rocket 800, which is based off the current Mercedes-Benz CLS. Although an o...
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Description: As such, Brabus is claiming the Rocket 800 to be the fastest sedan in the world. Top speed is supposedly 230mph. The V12 has an output of around 800hp and 811 lb-ft of torque. We'll have more det...
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Adrian Head Sep 13, 2011
Isn't it just the 6.0L biturbo V12 out of the AMG S65 or CL65?
Duncan Gibson Sep 12, 2011
230 is a shitload of speed for any car, esp. A normalish sedan
Kris Scrase Sep 12, 2011
Didn't they try the same thing with the last cls? Bi turbo v12 ( if I remember correctly..) would be a lot of fun!!
Zachary Maurer Sep 24, 2011
Now if only they got rid of that ugly b on the front
Duncan Gibson Sep 12, 2011
Yeah, those look like buck teeth
Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
Looks nice and not too over done. Except for the small vents below the hood and above the grill.
Kasino Johnson Sep 12, 2011
What gives them the idea that we'd rather a Boston Bruins "B" instead of the time tested three-pointed star? F.uck O.utta H.ere Brabus. Leave the emblems alone.
Ken Madison Sep 12, 2011
*caliber Spelling these days...
Tanton Stoneman Sep 12, 2011
The bra bus symbol looks stupid on a car of that calibur
Todd Randall Sep 12, 2011
wow that looks a lot more tasteful than other brabus creations. I'm sure the wing is necessary with 800 HORSEPOWER.
Kabir Suri Sep 14, 2011
I think they need this bigger one for more downforce at such high speeds like 230mph
Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
I'd prefer a small lip spoiler.
Lukas Lebs Sep 13, 2011
... Fail offf cmon ppl i like rims though and the pic looks PS'ed
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 12, 2011
It's that back wheel gonna fail off?? Because that's what it looks
Joey Pena Sep 12, 2011
now that is what I call sculpted and beautifully done. this thing is gonna be a total beast!