Comments - Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition for Frankfurt

Published: Sep 12, 2011
Description: Aston Martin is looking to steal the show at Germany's premier auto event. The British Automaker has already told us about the Zagato V12 Road Car and the Vantage 4.7 Special Edition, and now the...
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Bob Thebuilder Sep 12, 2011
You guys are crazy , the colour is awesome!
Edith Wharton Sep 12, 2011
I had to find something wrong w it. Love eerything but the color
Justin Mather Sep 12, 2011
Mmphhahh...does anyone have a towel
Chris Penza Sep 12, 2011
Yeah they say money can't buy happiness but I'd rather cry in a supercar
Michael Palazzo Sep 12, 2011
I concur, the DBS is my favorite and adding carbon fiber makes it even better.
Aye Kim Sep 12, 2011
I know people say money doesn't make you happy, but this would totally make me happier.
Description: The new rides will feature either a Flame Orange or Ceramic Gray color, or you can go retro and get the satin lacquer paint finish. Aston Martin will offer some standard features for the new edition, ...
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Description: The special edition will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week and will commence deliveries in early 2012.
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Sebastian Grey Sep 13, 2011
I love when car manufacturers include the exhaust tips in the bodywork instead of just thrown under the car looking dilapidated.
Nick Benz Sep 13, 2011
@justin agreed. This comes second behind the zagato for me
Jason Brower Sep 12, 2011
I'm not a fan of the one-77 face. It looks swollen on the sides like the xkr-s
Bob Thebuilder Sep 12, 2011
My top three is one-77, zagato then v12 vantage
Edith Wharton Sep 12, 2011
One-77 is best by far
Ydj Young Sep 12, 2011
One-77 at first. Followed by the Zagato thing and then this.
Andrew Grimm Sep 12, 2011
My favorite is either the V12 vantage carbon black, or the one-77.
Ty Piper Nov 24, 2011
Dark silverrrr... Please make this edition in that color!
Bert Kelly-Johnston Sep 12, 2011
Chris, if someone gives u one of these I'll happily swap it for a miata! :-)
Edith Wharton Sep 12, 2011
Chris lol that was brave but i agree
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 12, 2011
Angry responses above;)
Chris Penza Sep 12, 2011
I'd hit it like a b-52
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Sep 12, 2011
I actually don't like the roof. I'm assuming that's the volante?
Nick Christensen Sep 12, 2011
Such a sick ceiling on that car. Wow, I just wanna touch ut
Kent Sullivan Sep 12, 2011
Those might be the best looking paddles I've ever seen
Daniel Bellafonte Sep 12, 2011
I just want to go click, click, click with those flappy paddles