Comments - TechArt Reveals Porsche 911 GTStreet RS for Frankfurt

Published: Sep 11, 2011
Description: German tuner TechArt isn't finished with the outgoing generation of the famed Porsche 911. Later this week, they plan on unveiling their new GTStreet, which is based on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Se...
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Buddy Robinson Sep 11, 2011
Why does the gt2 rs need to be any better?
Description: In addition to the significant performance boost, TechArt has also done some work to the Porsche's exterior, beginning with a lowered front apron with a fixed carbon splitter and an adjustable sp...
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Bilal Saeed Sep 11, 2011
That's is a lot of carbon fiber love!
Description: This allows for the GTStreet to go over speed bumps with greater ease and to prevent body damage. The interior is covered in the tuner's own leather and custom-colored decorative stitching. There...
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Petro Maalouf Dec 23, 2012
Sttutgart is the city ..... Porsche is this car
Aye Kim Sep 12, 2011
I need to stop touching myself looking at this....
Jacob Sanchez Sep 12, 2011
Best Pourshe ever.... :)
Bilal Saeed Sep 11, 2011
Why is everyone spelling this "porche"? It's spelled Porsche!!!
Nick Christensen Sep 11, 2011
This would be my track car...if I had the moneysssss!!
Duncan Gibson Sep 11, 2011
This car looks like some kind of transformer with the splitters and exposed metal and stuff. Performance sounds great too. Very well done!
Francis Edward Ayala Sep 11, 2011
Reminds me, I need a new controller for my Xbox
Dale Fredriks Sep 11, 2011
I don't know why, but this generation 911, especially the gt3 and gt2 versions, will forever be, in my mind, for young 20 somethings who like to show off. I don't know what it is about it, but I never see someone driving it who I would trust.
Bob Thebuilder Sep 11, 2011
What's a porche? And this car is absolutely beautiful!
Patrick Schalk Sep 11, 2011
I love sitting on my Porche.
Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
We don't spell it right because we don't care. But I'm loving this car.
Paul Pickard Sep 11, 2011
Wish there was more tan one picture!
Payne Hodges Wilson Sep 11, 2011
How come no one on this app can spell Porsche it's not that hard
Brendan Kinzler Sep 11, 2011
Liking this very very much
Eddie Filipovic Sep 11, 2011
Damn that looks good. And the numbers sound just as good.
Darren Martin Sep 11, 2011
wow this is a job very well done!
Jesse Weis Sep 11, 2011
There are only two types of porches that i like and the stock version of this isnt one of the, but this is excwllent
Daniel Hendrickson Sep 11, 2011
I also do not like porche very much but this one stands out I like the color and the spoiler
Stephen Cobbs Sep 11, 2011
Didnt know you could improve on perfection. Well done.