Description: Croatian automaker Rimac Automobili is dying to show the world their new electric hypercar, which is set for its official debut this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Although complete photos haven&apo...
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Bilal Saeed Sep 11, 2011
Do EV's have an ECU??? Or something similar! :-/
John Gomez Sep 11, 2011
Or it could be from having to haul those heavy ass batteries around
Duncan Gibson Sep 11, 2011
This will either be a bubble or a revolution.
Edith Wharton Sep 11, 2011
I hope its insane around the track
Shane Carroll Sep 11, 2011
@Chris and if its electric, its probably just one gear
Kenneth Williams Sep 11, 2011
Hp doesn't translate to top end. It takes more than HP. And it's not too much.
Chris Tietjen Sep 11, 2011
That much horsepower and torque and it only does 190? O.o
Joseph Myers Sep 11, 2011
2,800 ft lbs O.o wtf
Description: Considering Croatia is not exactly known as a country with an auto industry, we're very anxious to see the sheets pulled off the Concept One not just in a styling sense, but also in its potential...
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Bilal Saeed Sep 11, 2011
2 days to charge and 2 minutes to deplete batteries if it does 190mph!
Shane Carroll Sep 11, 2011
If the Tesla runs dry fast, I'm curious to see what the battery life is on this thing
Duncan Gibson Sep 11, 2011
Looks like a fish. Very natural design. Cool.
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 11, 2011
Looks like the jag from a couple days ago.
Shane Carroll Sep 12, 2011
@Kyle first page, this has been discussed
Kyle BirdMoore Sep 12, 2011
Sorry, but that's too much like a Shelby GR-1 for me to like it. And, I'm sorry, but if you have 1100 horsepower, you should be able to crack at least 230 MPH. This is definitely not a hypercar, or for that matter, even a supercar.
Kasino Johnson Sep 11, 2011
Powerpuff Girl rims. Still looks potentially promising.
Luke Bailey Sep 11, 2011
not sure how i feel about the carbon fiber stripe....have to see the whole car
Michael Gallagher Sep 12, 2011
Did not have a clue what I was looking at unroll I saw the other comments lol
Andrew Grimm Sep 12, 2011
I never really liked these style of pedals,
Jason Brower Sep 11, 2011
Wow. Very cool race car aesthetic.
Shane Carroll Sep 11, 2011
Cool pedals, looks like they cut one piece