Description: Tuning specialist AC Schnitzer will be unveiling their latest creation at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week with their BMW 1 Series M Coupe tuning package. The ACS1 Sports Coupe is everything we love ...
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Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
I saw the "breathe more freely with added sound" part and thought of that completely idiotic cherry bomb website.
Jason Harbert Sep 11, 2011
Seriously? Cmon man like AC Schnitzer or BMW would ever do that. Just because they said silencer? Is that why? They use that term interchangeably in Europe for MUFFLER haha.
Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
So it's a fart can? Don't ruin a BMW with a fart can please.
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Sep 21, 2011
Yes headlights are blue but the eyes have a separate light for them honestly nit sure what color they are supposed to be on the 1
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Sep 11, 2011
This isn't your normal Bimmer...
Description: Because of the extra power, the tuners have added a high performance brake kit for the front and rear axles, which consists of a 6-piston fixed caliper on the front and a 4-piston caliper on the rear ...
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Description: There's also a unique aluminum gear knob, handbrake handle, and an aluminum-covered iDrive controller. Buyers can also further customize the interior with an aluminum foot pedal set, velour floor...
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Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
Like the rims, front splitter, hood vents, and basically everything.
Aj TheDark Artist Sep 11, 2011
This makes the 1 series look so much better
Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
Agreed. That only goes with high displacement engines that have that certain sound. That wouldn't be too good for this.
Eric Guillemette Sep 11, 2011
Would look good if exhaust came out of the body kit in front of the rear tires
Jordan Smith Sep 12, 2011
Wonder if BMW could shoehorn the M3s V8 in there... Make it a Super 1M
Phillip Fitchew Sep 11, 2011
Well remember how small the car is...
Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
Pretty cramped in there.
Roberto Maldonado Sep 11, 2011
Thank You AC Schnitzer for making the interior a little more exciting!!! Now I can Buy it without a doubt... when i get the money hahahaha
Ken Madison Sep 11, 2011
Not a bad job at all. Well done v
Shane Carroll Sep 11, 2011
Is that a wheel for the idrive control? Thats not tacky at all