Comments - Brabus’ IAA Mercedes-Benz CLS Rocket Rendered

Published: Sep 01, 2011
Description: On the heels of last week's official teaser from Brabus of their new vehicle debuting at the International Auto Show in Germany, we have received a rendering made by an independent artist who rec...
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Description: He has released his own unofficial take on what the new car might look like. The original Rocket packed a 6.3-liter biturbo V12 engine that put out 720hp. This is what Buzdugan believes the new model ...
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Chris Penza Sep 01, 2011
Nice btw crap the Toyota shit is back
Ken Madison Sep 01, 2011
I'd expect way better numbers from a twin turbo charged 6.3 liter V12 that probably costs over 100,000 dollars
Ken Madison Sep 01, 2011
Yeah that's insane right? Not really.
Brandon Lee Aventador Sep 01, 2011
720bhp! That's insane!
Nikusha Khurtsia Nov 30, 2012
Dan Ruth Sep 01, 2011
It just looks too similar to other high end mercedes, maybe it because I'm not a die hard
Brendan Kinzler Sep 01, 2011
Really liking the lights and the whole front in general
Douglas Orellana Sep 01, 2011
Yea thats not bad. If it looks anything similar to this this it'll be a winner.
Michael Palazzo Sep 01, 2011
that looks sweet! I love the black / white contrast and the LED's!
Kasino Johnson Sep 01, 2011
Waste of a flick, CarBuzz. Pixelated and purposeless.