Mitsubishi Lancer AWD Version Looking To Reach 100,000 Units

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Mitsubishi will be launching this fall a new special edition Lancer trim they hope will help to increase sales.
Mitsubishi will add another AWD version of its signature Lancer sedan to join the Evolution X in the line-up starting this fall as an attempt to raise sales figures in the U.S. back to 100,000 units. The Mitsubishi Lancer SE is expected to be the least expensive AWD vehicle in the line-up with a price tag somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000. The Lancer SE is also expected to feature a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter engine with around 150hp.
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It will also feature a high-performance suspension, two-piece Brembo front brakes, unique "SE" badges, HID headlights, and RECARO seats. There are currently AWD versions offered by Mitsubishi such as the Lancer Ralliart and Evolution with the former being the more cost-efficient vehicle priced at $27,000. The lower-priced Mitsubishi vehicles are the Lancer DE, ES and GTS trim levels. The Lancer SE is slated to go on sale this fall and will account for roughly 15-20 percent of Mitsubishi Lancer sales. The Japanese automaker eventually plans on increasing the sales figure to 100,000 units in the U.S. within the near future.

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