Comments - $8 Million Sold-Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB

Published: Aug 09, 2011
Description: The Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB features armored technology certified by the 'Germen Government Beschussamt Munchen.' It can withstand gunfire from AK-47s and Dragunov sniper rifles. If a hand g...
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Axel Cousins Oct 19, 2011
If u were someone that would be a target and u bought this what is more likely that someone will try to run up next to the car or something with an AK-47. Or get sniped by a .50 calibered sniper rifle. That rifle is probably a crappy rifle.
Daniel Gil Aug 10, 2011
Stll that's an investment since it has gold and it's price keeps increasing and increasing specially these days of debt where money looses it's value and metals come alive, so not too stupid owner huh?
Ken Madison Aug 10, 2011
But regardless, they don't test this kind of thing against AP ammunition, ever. A few 7.62x39 AP steel core rounds could probably do some damage. The insurgent groups do not use AP ammunition, or at least I had never heard about it when I was in.
Ken Madison Aug 10, 2011
And the PSL is a commercial version of the dragunov and isnt used in military service. The PSL is completely different from the dragunov, there are no interchangeable parts. It is a cheap gun that shoots 2-3 MOA scoped that issued by terrorists.
Ken Madison Aug 10, 2011
That was auto correct on the kilo. But no, the 7.62x54r has web around since 1891, hence the 91/30. And .308 is a superior round in every aspect to 7.62x54r, there is really no comparison. More energy, higher velocity, less drift/fall.
Gerald Guevara Aug 10, 2011
And who says lots of people are out of jobs. Just the thought of that there is a demand for this vehicle tells me the economy is doing great.
David Munasinghe Aug 09, 2011
@Eric yeah it was extend and armored .total cost for car and cool $1000000.$7000000 on gold to plate it. That's the stupid
Eric Henning Aug 09, 2011
Judging by the title picture it has been extended?
David Munasinghe Aug 09, 2011
@Carl people who comment negatively at this car is not hating the wealth , rather the distraction of a perfect well sort out automobile with gaudy gold trim because you have no taste or culture to understand what understated elegance is.
Kenneth Williams Aug 09, 2011
It's an expensive way to bulldoze zombies
Shane Gardner Aug 09, 2011
For 8 mil I would trade the gold for an improved ballistic rating.
Ken Madison Aug 09, 2011
Anyone who has been in the middle east will tell you that there are plenty of Enfield .303 rifles floating around with ball, AP, and API ammunition. They are extremely common, and it doesn't sound like this car could take a hit from one.
Ken Madison Aug 09, 2011
But for 8 million I would want to stop more than standard FMJ com bloc rounds.... I'd be willing to bet a 7.62x51 AP round would slice right through that car, the 30-06 AP would make easy work of it. Not very armored.
Ken Madison Aug 09, 2011
Justin, the AKM and AK47 style rifles shoot a 7.62x39 kilometer round, the PSL used by terrorists shoots the 7.62x54 rimmed cartridge. There are many different 7.62 rounds, 7.62x51 (.308), 7.62x63 (30-06) to name a few more.
Carl Mailman Pray Aug 09, 2011
@Shane yeah the Maybach rings a bell, it is in some way ugly, but and there's always a but, you gotta admit it makes a statement for whomever's in it.
Shane Carroll Aug 09, 2011
@Carl we're not hating because we can't afford it. We're hating because we don't like it. Just because its expensive doesn't make it good. Maybach ring a bell?
Westly Burgos Aug 09, 2011
It may shoot the same round, but at a much higher velocity.
Bright Spark Aug 09, 2011
What a bling car, it soo me me if I had £250 mill
Justin Tucker Aug 09, 2011
Actually igor,the draganov shoots the same round as the AK,it's a 7.62
Carl Mailman Pray Aug 09, 2011
It's a shame that so many folks would hate on others who are, well to put it nicely, wayyyy better off than those that are commenting negatively about a CAR they CAN'T afford. Notice not one millionaire, multi-millionaire or billionaire post just you
Caleb Lochridge Aug 09, 2011
This car is the ultimate drug dealers car!!!
David Munasinghe Aug 09, 2011
This car is not for any body like Queen of England or any body but for some rich classless Arab.Person with more money than brains or culture.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 09, 2011
Well, that's amazing. Serious armouring there. Maybe presidents or the Queen of England would want it.
Lee Oleinick Aug 09, 2011
Not you Mike ... I was referring to whoever would own this thing
Lee Oleinick Aug 09, 2011
Could you be more pompous?
Mike Lanza Aug 09, 2011
Couldve bought every new Toyota, subaru, chevy, and ford models being sold now for 8 mil. He'd prolly still have a lot of $ left over too. Crazy all that $ for one car
Description: The extravagant Phantom was created by design firm Stuart Hughes, purveyors of such works like the $8 million iPad 2 or the most expensive yacht ever, the $4.8 billion History Supreme. He created the ...
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Antwan Young-Bey Aug 17, 2011
This whip is sick as hell.
Ken Madison Aug 10, 2011
If you can afford this, I'm sure you have black water or raven wood riding in an escalade behind you and don't have to worry about the ghetto.
Jim Nguyen Aug 10, 2011
Park that thing in the ghetto and watch it get stripped down in minutes lol.
Jonathan Holland Aug 09, 2011
Isn't it ironic that the people who buy these are from countries in the most poverty?
Caleb Lochridge Aug 09, 2011
That's the price of this car. I'm confused
Caleb Lochridge Aug 09, 2011
Wait, an $8,000,000 iPad??! What!?
Description: The very valuable vehicle is one of the first two armored Rolls-Royce Phantom EWBs in the world. The purchaser of the $8 million car has chosen to remain anonymous, however he was described as a &apos...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 01, 2011
Most likely a banker.
Jason Brower Aug 09, 2011
Probably not a drug dealer. Either a real estate mogul in Dubai or Abu dhabi, an oil magnate, or royalty. Even though royalty just means a beneficiary of both real estate an oil combined.
Ken Madison Aug 09, 2011
For 8 million you could have gotten a lot better protection.
Mike Hawk Aug 09, 2011
Oh come on! It's either Dubai or Abu Dabi. Those are your only 2 options where you can find a "businessman" with that much money...and poor taste. It's predictable, if not expected.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 09, 2011
Businessman!? Are you serious!? Maybe I'd know this "businessman" if they told me his name. And no, despite my name I have never set foot in the middle east.
Kevin Rehbock Aug 09, 2011
I was expecting to find out a guy from the Middle East bought this.
Omar Halayqa Nov 06, 2011
Thats gonna be my car one day
Kenneth Williams Aug 09, 2011
Pretty much. This is like having 1k dollars and spending $8 of it. That's an extremely scaled down example though. Lol so when you think about it minus it being ugly why not buy one if Ur that rich
David Justice Aug 09, 2011
because the price of gold is sky rocketing. this is one is the few, if not only, 'new' cars that's actually going to appreciate.
Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 06, 2012
It was already heavy
Clayton Corley Aug 14, 2011
They Already thought that out that's y they have a button inside that make the hood ornament go into the hood
Jacob McCord Aug 09, 2011
just steal the grill and hood thing and that's already 2/3 of the car value gone down.
Josh Sutton Aug 09, 2011
You'd think someone would just steal the hood ornament and sell it somewhere.
Kenneth Williams Aug 09, 2011
The white and gold combo destroys the looks in my book.
David Jones-Richerson Aug 09, 2011
correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the worst idea ever? I get that It's supposed to be luxury and spitting out dollar bills from its glove compartment but come on... not only is it ugly to begin with but It's even more ugly after! waste of precious gold