Comments - Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Goes on Walkabout, Fails

Published: Aug 08, 2011
Description: To showcase the toughness and durability of the G-Wagen, Mercedes-Benz sent six of their top-of-the-line military-style SUVs through the Australian Outback. Well, unfortunately for the German automake...
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Description: Mercedes is trying to become the first car manufacturer to cross the 1900km Canning Stock Route, and the only vehicle that survived their latest jaunt was the singular military-spec G-Wagen. The G-Wag...
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Tyler Chess Aug 09, 2011
In other words our vehicles weren't up to the task and we hired shitty drivers.
Matthew Frederickson Aug 10, 2011
No car has ever done it and they got the closest. And one of them did finish. So clearly they still are pretty epic cars.
Patrick Schalk Aug 08, 2011
Haha Ian, not according to the article
Description: Mercedes is flying in parts to a local airfield in an attempt to get the cars operational again. The Australian Defense Force uses the same type of military-spec G-Wagen, so it's a good thing the...
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Bert Kelly-Johnston Aug 09, 2011
Not sure how they say it has never been done by car. It is a challenging trip that requires planning - including a fuel drop.
Description: The heat in the summer regularly passes over 30C, as one of the crews found out first-hand how hot the Outback is as their vehicle's AC unit failed. If Mercedes-Benz can get all their vehicles th...
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Bert Kelly-Johnston Aug 10, 2011
30C must be a typo. It would be around that now ( winter). Summer could be 50C - which is why people do the trip in winter.
Henry Wertz Aug 09, 2011
Too late for me to be impressed by them making it through in one piece, since they already have broken down. It got to 102F (aboug 38c) even in Iowa. With high humidity so heat index was pushing 130.
Daniel Lay Aug 09, 2011
Oh yah Texas is in drought mode. It's all good though cause Rick perry prayed for rain
Adrian Barrera Aug 09, 2011
It's been a warm 38C even in Texas
Daniel Lay Aug 08, 2011
86 is Cool outside where im from
Brad Henson Aug 08, 2011
Only 86 F, wow it's been 100+ for the past week. German pussies
Shane Carroll Aug 08, 2011
Big deal, its been a heat index of 115 here and I haven't had AC for 2 years. You go without long enough you don't miss it
Robby Bradford Aug 08, 2011
One piece... with several others attached
Freddie Agliam Selga Aug 09, 2011
the G wagon has the the most sophisticated 4wd system and unbeatable by any automobile manufacturer. its no questioned ask.
Tom Franquelli Aug 09, 2011
I agree with Cj. You could mod a Jeep to be much better and still spend less money.
Cj Smith Aug 09, 2011
I agree with Jason. I cant stand these cars. Not only do i dislike the styling, but i also think that you can get a car that does the same basic thing for far less money by buying a jeep.
Cory Billig Aug 08, 2011
I love seeing them on the road, so cool. Makes me feel like going on a safari or in the army haha
Michael Wilson Aug 08, 2011
i like it. it reminds of the original isuzu trooper :)
Mike Conrad Aug 08, 2011
I find it has sort of a timeless style. I like that it has looked relatively unchanged for a long time.
Jason Brower Aug 08, 2011
I have to disagree with you there, IMO it's one of the worst looking cars on the market. I'm glad Mercedes is finally scrapping it, not that it sold in any appreciable number.
Robby Bradford Aug 08, 2011
A good looking car... wish we had more of these and wranglers and less of shitty crossovers everybody seems to love