Comments - 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster Restored

Published: Aug 08, 2011
Description: Now this is just cool. A 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster was restored and given a new-generation Corvette LT1 engine and suspension on a custom frame. The transformation began by un-bolting the vinta...
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Brett Powers Aug 09, 2011
Boooo! Optispark probs here he comes!
Ken Madison Aug 08, 2011
A new LT1??? Why not a LS1/6?
Chris Benson Aug 08, 2011
Guess you guys have never been to a Street Rod Plus show? At the Louisville show, there are at least 5 that I have counted, that have had the full treatment, from white to red to black. I could go on, but this is not the best example.
Davey Edwards Aug 08, 2011
Switch the lt1 for an ls7 and it's perfect
Caleb Lochridge Aug 08, 2011
This is the perfect cruisin' car
Jared Ramos Aug 08, 2011
I wish Chevy still made cars out of metal... Instead, they give us plastic rocket-ships! I love the corvette for what goes on under the hood, but the older vetted were perfect examples of power and design.
Daniel Lay Aug 08, 2011
This is beautiful those lights, grill and front hood just work perfect
Christian Candler Aug 08, 2011
This is awesome! I wish I had one of these
Description: Then it received a custom Spectrum Color-developed turquoise with traditional white coves to give the Corvette that vintage appearance. A custom frame was built specifically to house the new powertrai...
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Patrick Schalk Aug 09, 2011
Yeah LTs were known to be pretty torquey though. This is a good engine for a crisper. Personally, I would've put an LS1 in it but they did a good job either way.
Taylor J. Blake Aug 08, 2011
The original engine didn't put out more than 300 hp. Just around 280 ish. So no need for an outrageous amount of hp
Greg Lewis Aug 08, 2011
That lil car doesn't need 500hp, that there is a cruiser, head turner that can get up and go.
Daniel Lay Aug 08, 2011
Yah more power would be awsome but I wouldn't thrash this thing around or drive like a mad man
Peter Bruschi Aug 08, 2011
i wish they wudda used a more stock, original engine, i hate how they rip out the good stuff in these classic cars nd throw in some modern crap... its even worse than small block chevys in ford coupes...
Shane Carroll Aug 08, 2011
Not very impressive, but I doubt you'd be flogging this thing
Description: Taking over the old steering wheel is an aluminum counterpart from Grant and a Lokar transmission. The exterior is topped off with a set of 18-inch Intro wheels that help give the Corvette a perfect l...
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Patrick Schalk Aug 09, 2011
I do agree with Chad about the top too. It looks very out of place IMO with the turquoise. Rims wouldn't be my first choice but I don't think they look that bad.
Luis Andrade Aug 08, 2011
Almost perfect ( ugly rims)
Taylor J. Blake Aug 08, 2011
Get rid of them rims and put American racing rims on it with white wall tires
Caleb Lochridge Aug 08, 2011
I'm sorry, but the rims ruin it for me. That'd be the first and only thing I'd change if I had this car
Peter Bruschi Aug 08, 2011
whts not to like about the rims? theyre not too bad...
Chad Sawyer Aug 08, 2011
I'd change the rims and have a white top. It still looks good though.
DoctorSeth IsaBoss Switzer Aug 08, 2011
rims are disgusting maybe some Boyd coddington rims(:
Patrick Kennedy Aug 08, 2011
Roof and rims look awkward but If you drive it you'll probably have the top down
Kayla Slaugenhaupt Oct 19, 2011
That is beautiful interior... I wish that was my car. I love corvette <3
Caleb Lochridge Aug 08, 2011
Oh my!! This is awesome!! Beautiful, perfect... Don't change a thing
Greg Lewis Aug 08, 2011
Hard on inducing! Id tip my hat to them if I want using it to hide the "excitement"
Christian Candler Aug 08, 2011
The interior is perfect. Love the color scheme
Caleb Lochridge Aug 08, 2011
These guys did a great job
Patrick Schalk Aug 08, 2011
Best lookin LT1 I've ever seen.