Posted on: Aug 07, 2011
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Half Off: Ukrainians Cut Imported Cars in Half to Reduce Tax

Ukrainian importers have given new definition to the words "half off" by cutting all imported cars in half to reduce import taxes.
When we think of a tax cut, we usually don't think of a used car cut in half, literally. Ukrainians are now showing their method of avoiding taxes placed on imported used cars from many foreign countries. Vehicle importers in the Ukraine have chosen to cut the cars in half and then re-weld them back together once the vehicles clear customs. This way, importers save a substantial amount of money as import tax on new vehicles can be around 43 percent.
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However, if the car is sawed in half, then the pieces can be imported as spare parts and the amount paid in taxes is drastically reduced even more. We think that Ukrainian buyers should at least now be credited with a 50 percent off discount.

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