Comments - Video: Switzer 911 R750 vs. Switzer GT-R R850

Published: Aug 06, 2011
Description: This Nissan GT-R R35 packs 850hp and takes on a Porsche 911 with 750hp in a fairly tough fight. The GT-R is heavier than the 911 but boasts an extra 100hp advantage. The Porsche has a hard time gettin...
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Lawrence Bowman Aug 25, 2011
For all that money this car is slow after 1/4 mile look on U Tube and u tell me is that car worth that price maybe over sea but not in the US.
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
@Kenneth it is void to warranty the GTR gas the worst warranties it's a fact top gear UK prooved it and said it
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 07, 2011
Then why does the GTR go around the nerberring (sp?) faster then any of the 911s?
Michael Falk Aug 06, 2011
These cars will run circles around a gtr on a track not to mention the craftsmanship is far superior as well as the design of the engine and suspension
Michael Falk Aug 06, 2011
None of you have got it right, 911 turbo has awd, all the gt cars ( gt2, gt3, gt2 rs, and gt3 rs) are rwd, basic carerras and s are rwd, the c4 and c4s are awd as well as all the targas, and also these cars are in a class far beyond a datsun
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
I'm going to do some research before I agree that it doesn't.
Kenneth Williams Aug 06, 2011
They don't void it anymore. As said before Idk if they completely fixed it but as far as using it it doesn't necessarily void your warranty anymore
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
That was all of the current generation, and then why do they still void your warranty for using launch control?
Jason Brower Aug 06, 2011
That was last modem year. They resolved that.
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
Don't mention that the GTR has AWD and launch control that almost breaks the transmission.
Description: The Nissan GT-R R35 Switzer R850 vs. the Porsche 911 (997) turbocharged Switzer P750 in quarter-mile action.
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Shane Carroll Aug 07, 2011
@mike I agree. TG us is just trying to copy the uk version, and they'll never be that good because of that
Mike Hawk Aug 07, 2011
Meh...the Carshow is more entertaining and ORIGINAL...when compared to US TG.
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
@Mike top gear US is better with trucks top gear UK did mostly UK cars and supercars and us top gear has American cars mostly and trucks I love the truck episodes the chevy won Americas toughest truck last season
Spencer Peirce Aug 06, 2011
Oh, really? That's interesting, I just had to check the R36 thing for myself and glanced down at that hybrid info. And no, it's not splitting hairs. And yes, I like to do my homework, thank you mike.
Mike Hawk Aug 06, 2011
So don't cite America top gear. Especially from that NASCAR dumbass.
Matt Hammett Aug 06, 2011
Yes I know there is a option of awd but the porsche in this video is rwd
Keenan Casteel Aug 06, 2011
@Matt TopGear season 15 episode 4. R8 V10 and Porsche 911 turbo comparison. Both have AWD. Do your research before you insult people who know what they're talking about. Your daddy's 911 may not be AWD but Porsche make about 12,000 different 911s.
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
@Matt its the same car, the Carerra 4 is 4 wheel drive, its an option
Michael Davidson Aug 06, 2011
The Porsche looked like it was going a lot faster past the mile marker
Mike Hawk Aug 06, 2011
It's not actually a hybrid in the works, but rather KERS. (and if you think I'm splitting hairs, you'd better start doing some homework)
Spencer Peirce Aug 06, 2011
Yeah I've got the R36 coming out in 2013. And it isn't even confirmed yet apparently. They are talking about...wait for it...hybrid GTR too....ugh.
Jason Brower Aug 06, 2011
@anders nope. R 35 is the generation code. This is just a new model year r 35. R 36 doesn't exist yet.
Anders Schrøder Aug 06, 2011
The R36 is the 2011 remake of the 2010 R35. The R36 boats more power and improved gearbox which can handle the stress from launch control. Some netter aerodynamic and downforce have also been added :)
Brady Fereday Aug 06, 2011
Dude they where faster than the viper corvette the ccx and the other car the ccx drove by 2 seconds rofl xD
Edith Wharton Aug 06, 2011
Haha the GTR is so not in the same class as the 911. They should race different cars that are very similar.
Morgan Dame Aug 06, 2011
911 turbos have awd Ik that
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
Ummm the weight shows would mean the gap closes, not that the 911 wins. If I thought the 911 would win I would have said "the 911 will win the mile". Literacy is in the tank these days, seriously. I can't watch the video until tonight.
Justin Tucker Aug 06, 2011
The wing on the GTR just killed the cars look,but damn that thing halled it
Aaron Barker Aug 06, 2011
@Anders R36? Don't you mean R34 and R35?
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
@Buddy yeah I saw that too. Aaaannd, cue the 911 fan boys
Alex DeManche Aug 06, 2011
@ domi bsaibes 911's dont have all wheel drive
Buddy Robinson Aug 06, 2011
Stretch it out to a mile and the Nissan would still win. Anybody else notice that the GTR was missing the top part of it's trunk spoiler?
Spencer Peirce Aug 06, 2011
The GTR is just beast. I have always loved nissans/datsuns old and new and this car is just perfection. Let that hatin' begin! And andy I know you are out there waiting lol
Domi Bsaibes Aug 06, 2011
Ken the 911 has AWD too
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
Duh. That's what's AWD does. Stretch it to a mile and all that weight will start to show.
Mohd Hanis Hadi Rahman Aug 13, 2011
nice one. next year could be mine!
Kenneth Williams Aug 07, 2011
That's Wat I was thinking. You need a vette to get girls??? Fail
James Barron Aug 07, 2011
Lol. He thinks owning a certain car will get him more girls.
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
The corvette z06 is 3.6 when car and driver took it and that's not even the ZR1 which is also lighter than the GTR GTR is 4wd corvette 2wd corvette will win some and the GTR will too drag the corvette track racing GTR unless it's Daytona then vette
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
Yea but do you want to be driving a Nissan or a corvette which get more girls and the z06 has some carbon fiber on it so it's faster 0-60 by a millisecond and the gtr won't be able to hit 2.9 for a while it hits 3.5 with launch control and 3.8without
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 07, 2011
Yeah..3.7 compared to 2.8. That's quite a bit of gap. No. Most modern "supercars" use carbon fiber. Not fiberglass. When it really comes down to it, both are good value, but the gtr has more bang for the buck.
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
The Z06 does 0-60 in 3.7 without launch control and with RWD, the body doesn't rust, and many super cars have fiber glass. I think you should research before you say the fiberglass thing.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 06, 2011
The gtr hits 60 .9 seconds quicker then the z06. Seats an extra two passengers. Has AWD. Weighs more. And isn't made of cheap fiberglass. Its just a better car IMO.
Jethro Met Aug 06, 2011
Hey, too each is own. For me, my 911 Turbo S is the ticket. I thought about buying the gen 2 GTR but it was too boy racer for me. The interior although improved was not nearly as nice as the 911 to me. Again no knock on the GTR, if that is what you like, go for it. IMHO, the 911 & the Vette are the two most iconic sports cars ever. Come back and talk to me about the GTR thirty years from now...