Comments - Unique of the Week: 1987 AMG HMMWV

Published: Aug 06, 2011
Description: We've never been big fans of Hummers. More specifically, we're talking about the days in which GM ran the uber division and turned it into a mainstream brand. The best of times took place w...
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Morgan Dame Aug 06, 2011
I would much rather have a defender or g class over a hummer, but this hummer is different I would take this over a the two
Daniel Lay Aug 06, 2011
Anyways, I i had a hummer when no one else did it would be kinda cool. But now i see hummers everywhere. I do live in a smallish redneck town tho
Daniel Lay Aug 06, 2011
Dont feel like an idiot, people ask much dumber questions every day haha
Morgan Dame Aug 06, 2011
I feel like an idiot asking this but do they mean AMG like Mercedes Benz AMG
Georgie Yannios Jun 18, 2013
Nice car asome hummer
Taylor J. Blake Feb 14, 2013
That is not an up-armored Humvee. Not bulletproof. And the seats are so far apart in case a litter "stretcher" needs to be carried
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
Also to the wheel problem the truck is a monster it weighs more then a 1 ton silverado dually
John Rosenberg Aug 07, 2011
I wonder if it is bulletproof
Kevin Rehbock Aug 06, 2011
Jeep > Humvee. The Humvee is too heavy and wide to maintain articulation and it's more expensive to upkeep.
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
@Morgan you don't buy one for comfort
Morgan Dame Aug 06, 2011
If u have ever driven one u know how uncomfortable they are re engine goes between the two seats and u have like no room
Taylor J. Blake Aug 06, 2011
Look how far apart them front seats ate
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
Yep, reduces chances of puncture and gives more grip over rocks and other obtacles
Patrick Schalk Aug 06, 2011
When you offroad you're supposed to let some air out of your tires so you have more surface contact. Everyone does that.
Artjom Suhoveiko Aug 06, 2011
@Rueben, the plate might be bad ass but the flat tire isnt:L
Rueben J Yslas Aug 06, 2011
No retreat on the license plate. Pretty bad ass if u ask me
Description: The company began to refurbish some by adding passenger car enhancements like A/C, sound insulation, upgraded upholstery, stereos, and other common conveniences. And we just happened to find one c...
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Taylor J. Blake Feb 14, 2013
I'd either keep the stock 6.5 Detroit diesel or an lb7 duramax in it.
Gilles Roche Aug 06, 2011
from the first picture, i can see that it is not a LS engine. it is probably a LT1
Patrick Schalk Aug 06, 2011
Yeah I'd definitely put a Cummins or Duramax in there and then put a 6 ft snorkel on it so I could drive under water with it. I've seen some vids of people doing that and it's nuts.
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
True, I was just saying that is probably why they chose an LS.
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
@Ken while that may be true, an LS3 needs far more extensive work to reach 1000ft lbs. than an old 12 valve Cummins. And this thing has to weigh as much as a house, diesels thrive pushing a heavy load
Phillip Greene Aug 06, 2011
why so it can be slower? and the only boss motor you could have found in 02 was 30 years old
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
You can make as much torque as a duramax/cummins with an LS, and a lot more HP. Lots of people who rebuild their own work trucks use LS engines instead of diesels because you can make better power a lot of times from an easier build.
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
Kind of an odd choice. I think I'd rather stick a Duramax in there or something
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
A LS1 or LS3??? the 2002 part makes me believe LS1.
Description: Unlike the original diesel version, it's now fully California SMOG compliant. As an added bonus, California buyers will also receive the custom September 11th memorial plate NO RTRT (No Retreat) ...
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Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
I'd buy it and put the old diesel in it
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
That's what we do. Get used to it.
Daniel Lay Aug 06, 2011
No retreat! Instead how about we come steam roll your country
Georgie Yannios Jun 18, 2013
Nice dors
Taylor J. Blake Feb 14, 2013
Aahh the good ol 16.5" wheels on stock 37x 12.5 tires.
davis Jul 23, 2012
my freings dad has
Nathan Geiter Aug 10, 2011
Those are definitly Jeep Wrangler TJ mirrors!
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
Tires sure rims no kid your stupid it's an off road vehicle you don't want 22 in rims on it basic 17 or 18 in rim is perfect
Jimmy Jose Lopez Aug 06, 2011
Rims?!?! Hummer?!?! Umm....nope haha keep'em the way they are!
Edith Wharton Aug 06, 2011
New rims and tires? Eww leave them like this
Sean Hodgson Aug 06, 2011
I drove one of these bit civilian version with 6.5 turbo. Just dominates anything 3 feet of snow and trees wouldn't slow this thing down at all. Sick ride worth 40 000!!!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 06, 2011
Love it. I really want this car.
Daniel Lay Aug 06, 2011
@Shane yah everyone that dosent wanna get hit move out of the way XD
Morgan Dame Aug 06, 2011
That right tire is starting to look a little bald
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
Who cares? If I had this I wouldn't even look behind me, just back up
Errick Kitchin Jun 01, 2013 are a disgrace to men
Luis Daniel Angilello Aug 09, 2011
This is a MILITARY vehicle, that's why it doesn't have all that luxury in it, heck! Not even the new ones the military use have any comfy, body molded seats!
Shane Carroll Aug 07, 2011
@Kenneth its from 1987. And do you even comprehend the purpose of a humvee?
Kenneth Yeung Aug 07, 2011
40,000 for this piece of crap? Come on you have to be kidding the back seat is foam no gps there is nothing but a HUD and it looks old. For that money I can buy a great Lexus or BMW.
James Barron Aug 07, 2011
Backseat looks like a simple pad of foam...
Robert Lantz Aug 07, 2011
Looks comfortable and people I'm used to a stiff suspension my truck has a pretty stiff off road suspension
Taylor J. Blake Feb 14, 2013
It's not just a transmission tunnel. Try driving one of the up-armored hmmwv. If you think this is hard to drive you wouldn't imagine one of those..
Duncan Gibson Sep 05, 2011
You could literally live in this
Jimmy Jose Lopez Aug 06, 2011
They dont have rear view mirrors haha we need ground guides when we hav to back up. That's wut ur A-drivers a.k.a someone other than the driver-r for lol n yes, 55 was barely attainable, n at 65 it sounded like the motor was sittin next to you haha
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
Probably so you can see if the guy on the 50 got dropped without looking away from the road. I don't remember if ours in service had the rear view mirror.
John Park Aug 06, 2011
Um well equiped? Hah and why does it have that rear view mirror?!
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 06, 2011
That's great for make-out mountain
Jaspreet Singh Aug 06, 2011
U can fit two Honda CRZs inside lol
Ken Madison Aug 06, 2011
Actually, the V does an outstanding job. My best friend did 7th cav in the army and said it takes a gigantic explosion to mess one of these up. They also stop small arms fire up to 30-06 now. That's a lot more than what the enemy is packing.
Reid Huff Aug 06, 2011
These are not good for the military they don't protect the troops. When you look at what other countries use you will see how far behind this is.
Kyle Nistler Aug 06, 2011
Driving this everyday would be a new experience.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 06, 2011
Test-driving this would be a unique experience.
Shane Carroll Aug 06, 2011
Thats one hell of a transmission tunnel
Jimmy Jose Lopez Aug 06, 2011
So you obviously havnt seen the inside of a military hummer haha
Patrick Schalk Aug 06, 2011
Comparing a Civc to a more than capable H1 = Fail.
Cody Johnston Aug 06, 2011
Ha I have the same pedals on my civic but with a clutch. Fail
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 06, 2011
It's a military vehicle so it didn't need any customisation on the interior. It only needs performance. But since I'm not in the army, I suppose I would improve it if I had it.