Comments - Canada's Bruiser Gets A Facelift

Published: Aug 05, 2011
Description: Conquest Vehicles, the Toronto-based maker of armored luxury SUV's, has announced that their Knight XV will be getting a facelift for 2012. The price is now up to $629,000 (US), but it now comes ...
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Oliver McIntosh Aug 06, 2011
This looks like it's straight from a 'Gangstar' game.
Bob Thebuilder Aug 05, 2011
Woot Toronto! I've seen several of these on the roads!
Taylor Greenfield Aug 06, 2011
@ Callum I think so, but there's another MULE like this but its a different brand, although these all look the same
Callum Mckay Aug 06, 2011
This was in fast five right?
Zack Stotler Aug 06, 2011
Is there some kind of award for totaling this?
Aaron Barker Aug 05, 2011
This must be batman's new off-road batmobile with like 2mpg lol
Jontaye Diamond Aug 05, 2011
For price range to be closer to bentley an Lamborghini it more equip
Jonathan Harper Aug 05, 2011
You'd have to be pretty paranoid to get one of theae
Rueben J Yslas Aug 05, 2011
Best for zombie apocalypse lmao
Pierre E Jean Aug 05, 2011
Put some gunz on it and you can start WW3
Anthony J. Mitchell Aug 05, 2011
This would make the perfect vehicle for all sorts of anarchy.
Description: Standard equipment now includes a new air ride suspension, front power windows and roof mounted, joystick controlled, 360-degree searchlights. There are now two option packages as well, Luxury Group a...
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Mike Hawk Aug 05, 2011
"After a long day of killing zombies, I like to sit back & unwind with my PS3. No better place than in my own Knight XV... the ONLY choice for any 'practical man'! Don't settle for anything less practical & sensible."
Daniel Lay Aug 05, 2011
I want dual mounted .50 cal machine guns that are joystick controlled
Jason Brower Aug 05, 2011
@stephen Im pretty sure the glass partition is between the driver and passenger areas for privacy
Matthew Salguero Aug 05, 2011
Now would you like a side of PS3 or Xbox with that Flat panel TV?
Stephen Cobbs Aug 05, 2011
Soo for half a million dollars the present model doesnt have front power windows?
Shane Gardner Aug 05, 2011
XBox 360 I would hope
Bonnie Hansen Aug 05, 2011
Roof mounted, joystick controlled, 360 degree turning.... Search lights.
Description: It includes extra armoring, a positive pressure system to protect against gas attacks, and a whole array of cameras and bomb detection equipment. It sure ain't cheap, but it's quite a vehicl...
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Dale Fredriks Aug 08, 2011
Imagine this being turned into a hearse!! Think of the terror you'd see as you drove by other cars.
Jonathan Harper Aug 05, 2011
The Helm's Deep of cars
Daniel Lay Aug 05, 2011
No body will cut me off again.
Brent Bennett Aug 05, 2011
Finally, i can go get groceries in my neighbourhood in peace!