Comments - Video: Koenigsegg CCXF vs. Supercharged Dodge Viper

Published: Aug 04, 2011
Description: Most of you think the Koenigsegg would win this one hands down, right? How could a Dodge Viper SRT10 even give the Koenigsegg a run for its money? The 1,098hp Koenigsegg has so much power that spinnin...
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Caleb Lochridge Aug 04, 2011
Way to spoil the intro of the video
Description: After the launch out of the gate, the two duel head-to-head and fly down the track. Does the Viper pull out the upset win or does the Koenigsegg make use of its crazy horsepower and lightweight design...
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Taggart Wilber Aug 21, 2011
Man, those k-seg engineers really know how to squeeze out the hp. It's got about the same as the bugatti and it has twice as many cylinders.
Amber Bruitzman Aug 08, 2011
Slow times for so much power...
Emelio Gallegos Aug 05, 2011
Viper also slipped a bit after the launch
Max Lee Aug 05, 2011
That viper is crazy fast
Phillip Greene Aug 04, 2011
yea tuned to hell to even be decent competition for a viper if it had like 1 psi more boost out of that supercharger the ccx would have looked stupid
Michael Gallagher Aug 04, 2011
Because a GTR prob has the technology and such to do it. but yes, would have to be tuned and such
Brahim Gudah Aug 04, 2011
Why do I feel like a tuned Nissan gtr would wipe the floor with them both... And I'm a muscle car guy
Jacob McCord Aug 04, 2011
@Stuart turner wow. ok, why? I want a legit reason...
Gib Terwilliger Aug 04, 2011
That Viper had 750 hp and still kept up. If it had 1000+hp, there wouldn't have been a challenge. Viper would have wiped the floor
Davey Edwards Aug 04, 2011
I'm a chevy guy but it's good to see American cars stepping it up with the viper/zr1/gt. They are a relatively cheap way to get all the power you could ever want on the street
Paul Pickard Aug 04, 2011
Did they just pick a random person out of the crowd to drive the ccx or what? For the price of that thing it should be racing a cruise missile or something.
AJ Haverly Aug 04, 2011
those quarter times are not impressive my friends cousin is running low 9s with his turbocharged 350 rx-7
Ken Madison Aug 04, 2011
Stuart turner, why don't you race me? I bet my car that I will put your euro/Asian car to shame. Road course or drag strip. Feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook if you live in the eastern time zone.
Shane Carroll Aug 04, 2011
A car that costs more than twice as much won? Shocking
Daniel Levy Aug 04, 2011
Eh expected more bythe european super car, of course it was going to pull away, but for $200,000 more it sure took long enough
Bryce Depperman Aug 04, 2011
If the race had been 2 miles the viper wouldn't have been able to SEE the CCX.
Stuart Leno Turner Aug 04, 2011
No surprise there. America can't compete
Ken Madison Aug 04, 2011
And my bad, didn't see supercharged. Any force induction hennessey or lingenfelter Z06 would beat that Swedish car in a drag. Besides, I'm sure the Z06 and ZR1 have a way more advanced traction control system to help on launch.
Ken Madison Aug 04, 2011
Whoever said that Swedish car could do low 11s.... Do you have any idea how many 500-550 HP F-bodies there are out there running low 11s on street tires??? Without traction control. So that isn't impressive at all.
Shane Carroll Aug 04, 2011
Not very impressive work by the Koenigsegg
Andy Rogers Aug 04, 2011
And WOW that Koenigsegg is loud :)
Andy Rogers Aug 04, 2011
Also notice how both did terrible 1/4miles considering what they're truly capable of. The stock CCX can do it in the 11s, this one did it in the 13s. The Viper can also do it in the 11s, it did it in the 12a
Chris Penza Aug 04, 2011
That was a ccx not ccxr
Sebastian Grey Aug 04, 2011
Idk who those drivers are but they are clearly amateurs. That Koenigsegg could easily make a 11 sec 1/4 mile.
Boris Tsvayner Aug 04, 2011
That video comes from Moscow, Russia at an event called "Moscow Unlimited 500+" your car must have at least 500 horsepower to participate in these races :)
Aaron Manalil Aug 04, 2011
Yay for Swedish engineering
Thor Olson Aug 04, 2011
If you look closely at the beginning it sais that the viper is making 750 horsepower.
Stephen Ishard Aug 04, 2011
But still close enough to say WTF koningsegg or whatever the name is
Luke Bailey Aug 04, 2011
aaron, i wouldnt say the viper got spanked....look at the hp n weight diff....viper ftw
Kenneth Williams Aug 04, 2011
When are people gonna learn that a drag isn't just about how much horsepower you have.
Ken Madison Aug 04, 2011
Jason, Lol a 505 HP Z06 would lose. Might win the 1/8th because of the extremely advanced traction control and launch.
Patrick Schalk Aug 04, 2011
Jason they do have that video. And the Koni BARELY wins. It's an awesome race.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 04, 2011
The koenigsegg is pretty slow for 1/4 of a mile! I mean 1000 hp for 13.3 seconds!
Weston Caloyer Aug 04, 2011
Yeah really needs a wing as proven by top gear
Bright Spark Aug 04, 2011
Waste of power that koinegzegg needs a rear wing and run slick tyres
Aaron Barker Aug 04, 2011
Ha lol this is the second time I've seen that viper get spanked by something
Garrett Carpenter Aug 04, 2011
Was this like a TV show or something?
Anthony J. Mitchell Aug 04, 2011
I love dodge. But beat a Koenigsegg!? Never that.