Comments - Volvo Teams Up with Siemens for Electric Car

Published: Aug 31, 2011
Description: Volvo has partnered with Siemens to work on an electric car, since The Swedish automaker has shown interest with several concepts and prototypes in the past. Volvo has taken quite a bit of initiative ...
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Description: Testing could begin by the end of the year and by late 2012. Volvo will produce a test series of around 200 vehicles for Siemens that will then be tested and validated under real-life conditions as pa...
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Max Crepin Sep 05, 2011
Somuon want unlimited distance eletrical car beter use 4 genoretors & hily ricargebol batiries to work. :) ;)
Rollie Olson Sep 02, 2011
But yeah the rims are very ugly. They need to be bigger
Rollie Olson Sep 02, 2011
It looks the same as the regular C30 with the "electric" decals and a teal lined side skirt
Tyler Jacobson Sep 01, 2011
Why do electric cars always have queer rims .. Maybe if it looked cool with some decent offset wheels and good styling I would purchase it. No gas bill is cool, looking like a douche isn't