Comments - Fire in the Hole: Call of Duty Inspired Hummer H1

Published: Aug 30, 2011
Description: It's not every day where a video game inspires and motivates automakers to build a vehicle that is a replica of what they drove in a video game. This featured Hummer, on the other hand, has drawn...
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Cody Fullerton Aug 30, 2011
CoD fans have infiltrated almost every aspect of life with their annoying ways. And now they got to cars. I dont want to live on this planet any more.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 30, 2011
I recognize the obvious superiority of an H1 to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited....but there WAS an actual, factory built, Call Of Duty Wrangler model. Would it not make more sense to buy one of those and then do something original with your H1?
Description: The design of this particular H1 was taken directly from the latest sequel to the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some features of the Call of Duty H1 include a matte black vinyl wrap that...
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Caner Ozdemir Nov 08, 2012
Lol the license plate is from Europe, what the hell are they doing with our hummers?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Apr 28, 2012
Absoulte crap use of a car.
Shane Carroll Aug 31, 2011
Halo is alright, I like the graphics but the gameplay kinda gets on my nerves. Lemme get shot in the head and shrug it off, lemme get punched and DIE
Jacob McCord Aug 31, 2011
and they just ruin the game. I'm a Halo fan all the way. First FPS I played and I loved it so Halo is my #1 fav game.
Kyle Bohne Aug 30, 2011
I agree with Patrick ... everyone on black ops are Famas spray and pray fags all the other guns are soo nerfed down that u can't even kill some one
Dennis Acuna Aug 30, 2011
this thing is garbage would rather have a fiat panda than this
Brad Wood Aug 30, 2011
H1, Call of Duty sticker, white star, wanna be army chick, Spencer's Gifts bullet hole stickers = effing stupid!
Zain Sheikh Aug 30, 2011
Jonathan Romero Aug 30, 2011
For the record gunines that's a chick, not a dude -___-
Michael Davidson Apr 23, 2012
Uhhh, flabby armed homeless chick.
Nick Rios Aug 30, 2011
Should've gotten a better looking girl
Thaddeus Wade Aug 30, 2011
Perfect way to store your gun... pointed at yourself.
Shane Carroll Aug 30, 2011
@Miftah yeah you wouldn't want to get sick while people are SHOOTING AT YOU.
Brad Wood Aug 30, 2011
Michael, you think?!? Was it the brown leather piping that gave it away for you? LOL
Mike Lanza Aug 30, 2011
@Amir -we used to give every soldier who got sent to Vietnam a pack of smokes, m&m's, playing cards etc. All standard issue
Andrew Grimm Aug 30, 2011
Micheal it just a vybal wrap on the outside to look like it has bullet holes and all of that read the article
Michael Wilson Aug 30, 2011
thays clearly a civilian version of the hummer? not the army one.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 30, 2011
You're allowed to smoke in the army? That's... Wrong. Very wrong.
Sebastian Grey Aug 30, 2011
Hey! Do you want to make the military and everyone else hate you?! Great! Then you should put bullet holes and blood on a fake military vehicle an pretend that you were in the military and all your friends died in the car with you! This is sick.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 30, 2011
At least drill the holes. That's the least.
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 30, 2011
At least they should have them spray painted on
Jerrod Swenson Aug 30, 2011
Nothing says stupid and uncreative quicker than fake bullet holes.
Joseph Tomb Oct 19, 2011
Airsoft is okay, but then I joined the real army and I get to use the real guns, not some plastic toys. Airsplat sucks also…
Charles Finley Oct 06, 2011
Oh Man, I love the COD series! (well, the Infinity Ward games at least). I recently got into airsoft and I can get pretty much my whole in game loadout in real life. I get everything here:
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 30, 2011
Give me a bucket of paint and I can make a better COD hummer than that
Peter O'Sullivan Aug 30, 2011
Take off all the stickers and I like it. But leave on that tally, it's kinda funny.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 30, 2011
Only like the right half of the picture. Right, as in the opposite of left.
Mathiew Lacoursiere Nov 21, 2011
My nabour has this but without all the gay call of dutyy shit
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2011
Throw a Cummins in it and paint it Army green with a huge snorkel on it and then you have yourself a nice H1. And also take out all of the electrical stuff.
Shane Carroll Aug 30, 2011
@Sebastian oh please. Its just for fun, sheesh. You get a couple of your buddies together and play, it's about entertainment. You're telling me war movies are any different? Get off your high horse
Pavel Kleymenov Aug 30, 2011
Fake bullet holes. Call of Duty? This is child play. I'd understand if a 16 yr old did this but adults?? Cmon, really? Is this what we are coming too?? If u want some action go to wait you won't be able to handle it. Ha ha fake bullet holes.
Josh Sutton Aug 30, 2011
I kinda want to see this on the road...just so I can put some real bullet holes in it.
Sebastian Grey Aug 30, 2011
I'm sick of people glorifying war and the 'action' of it. The truth is war is necessary evil but video games and the like only portray gun play and endless killing of nameless enemies. Not something that should be recreated for fun.
Robby Bradford Aug 30, 2011
@Patrick it's a dumb story to be reported but it would be sick to see one driving on the road
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2011
After going through the pictures it's safe to say that this is a waste of an H1
Michael Wilson Aug 30, 2011
ill take everything bout the bullet and blood.
Ko Shan Jun 30, 2015
Myanmar Car crazy
Patrick Martin Feb 09, 2012
I see a bug, a leaf a mini a porsche hmmmmmmph
Clayton Corley Oct 31, 2011
Hmmmmm modern warfare must mean 2 if u look in the right corner
Charles Finley Oct 06, 2011
I was on the fence about this thing. The count is a selling point.
Jacob McCord Aug 31, 2011
Jeff Dunham ran over so many priuses in his H1 haha
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 30, 2011
Carlos that sentence is wrong in so many ways
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 30, 2011
@Zain. I bet all my money for see if the car that you say that it's a focus, it's a Seat Leon.
David Eslava Aug 30, 2011
Beetle, Mini, Seat Leon, Samart Fortwo, Porsche GT2/3
Brad Wood Aug 30, 2011
Should say "pull my finger" because this is a total joke.
Zain Sheikh Aug 30, 2011
There's a smart , beetle , squished beetle AKA Porsche, a Mini and a ford focus
Ján Kubecka Aug 30, 2011
needs a prius symbol on it with 50 tallys marked out
Luis Daniel Angilello Aug 30, 2011
Whoever wrote this article said that the design of this H1 was based on the latest sequel CoD MW3, but the sticker here (near the windshield) has a big 2 on it... mhhh!