Comments - Drag Race Tuesdays: Ferrari F430 vs. BMW X6 M

Published: Aug 30, 2011
Description: This week's drag race features a knockdown, drag out fight between a smooth Ferrari F430 and a ferocious BMW X6 M. At stock level, the F430 packs a 4.3-liter V8 that puts out 483hp and around 343...
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Description: If you watch carefully, the Ferrari gets a slight jump on the BMW at the green but the BMW's serious power gets it back in front. After about 800m they are dead even and the rest of the race is t...
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Rick Ross Mar 11, 2012
In the description it says NEITHER of the cars are stock. Learn to read people. And a little English grammar would do most of you some good.
Aloys Fondeville Feb 19, 2012
The Ferrari driver was sleeping!
Robert AdidasBorn Dorsey Jr. Oct 11, 2011
Had to be rigged.. No way a tuned cross-over, stock, beats a Ferrari.
Patrick Schalk Sep 03, 2011
I wanna see your grandmas scooter then. I call shenanigans.
Miguel Longoria Aug 31, 2011
Interesting, to say the least... And LOL @ these e-racers!
Michael Gallagher Aug 31, 2011
It's ok, that's why the gt-r was invented
Shane Carroll Aug 31, 2011
-sigh- and of course we have to bring the vette into the argument. Kinda expected that result though. A Ferrari beating an suv/crossover thing in a race probably wouldn't be worth mentioning
Ben 'Jammin Peters Aug 31, 2011
And a Corvette Z06 could beat both of them. For a fraction of the cost.
Zain Sheikh Aug 31, 2011
BMW is my favorite car brand in the world . Plus the New M5 with murder a 430 around a track and in straight cause it has 560HP and its chassis is what makes a BMW M car
Brock Bűlbűl Aug 31, 2011
It looked like driver error/inexperience on the Ferrari to me. It shouldn't of been that slow off the line or in the stretch. Especially with the differences in weight. The M trannys are fantastic though but still shouldn't have beaten the Ferrari.
Michael Ioia Aug 31, 2011
The way the transmissions are setup it doesn't get a good launch. A Ferrari is not designed to be a drag race car. The X6 is automatic and you just mash the pedal and go. You can't do that in a Ferrari.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 31, 2011
@Tommy. I drive a 1989supra turbo with a 2jzGte swap. I have yet to lose a race. Highway pull or stoplight to stoplight. I'm pushing roughly 450 HP. The cars are brutally fast. Especially for the 12k I've invested.
Michael Gallagher Aug 31, 2011
Did not see that coming. Well.. Kinda. If I was at the track for the first race between them, I would have been speechless
Jason Brower Aug 30, 2011
@Tommy No one said anything about the street. This is a drag race. a dyno queen is perfect for it. You keep it in the high revs all the time and it doesn't matter if you have no power at the low end.
Roberto Arteaga Aug 30, 2011
M5 or 550dxm? M5 has 550hp and 530tq I think. That's from a twin turbo V8. I think the diesel is a 3.0 tri turbo inline 6 with 500+ ho and 650tq. Beast!!
Tommy Gunn Aug 30, 2011
Yeah & your "900hp. Supra" would probably still get beat. Why do people think that the Supra mega-hp dyno queens are actually fast on the street?
Justin Tucker Aug 30, 2011
You would love to think that a car that costs as much as an average house would beat it....I could build a 900hp supra for 1/2 the cost.
Patrick CorpKid Aug 30, 2011
Lol both cars are far from stock ( stated in the post ) but the Ferrari still manages to only run 13's . Ridiculous
Trent Humphrey Aug 30, 2011
Read top gear U.K's review on the X6... Just do it.
Matt Hammett Aug 30, 2011
13 sec Ferrari?? It should be more like 12
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2011
F bodies fo life! Haha Joe don't you think a Ferrari should still be able to run a quick quarter mile or mile? Fast is fast no matter what type of track it is. Being a Ferrari and costing 250k for one, I would expect more from a super car.
Justin Carter Aug 30, 2011
Pretty sad I can beat a tuned Italian exotic that costs a house or two with my stock f-body. Even if it is only in a straight line...
Scott Kennedy Aug 30, 2011
No freaking way! How did the Ferrari loose!
Tom Semsky Aug 30, 2011
Why are any of you surprised? Lots of power + AWD = incredible acceleration and speed. It's like when people strip out a WRX and build the engine up to 600hp and then smoke Lambos. No shit it's going to be fast, it's like an AWD go-kart.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 30, 2011
If this happened with the X6M, i can't wait for the M5
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2011
Haha I love seeing supercars getting dusted by something ridiculous
Bernard Green Aug 30, 2011
True they are race cars but people do race stop light to stop light or highway pulls. The Ferrari lost plain and simple. The 1/4 times are slow I don't see how these cars are modified. If this was a roll race the Ferrari most of likely would have won. If you look at the mile times the speed is higher for the Ferrari.
Joe Kelly Aug 30, 2011
Try a lap at a REAL race track and see how well moms little wagon throws that weight around the corners
Joe Kelly Aug 30, 2011
I swear I If I see one more person drag race a Ferrari I'm gonna flip. Ferraris are RACE cars, as in an actual race! That's why they have steering wheels! That's why they have balance and weight distribution, this just means BMW had more power,
Douglas Orellana Aug 30, 2011
Eddie - learn how to read. It said in the article that both cars were not stock
Drew J. Kleyweg Aug 30, 2011
the x6 moved the cone at the end XP
Luis Mele Aug 30, 2011
A want to see it with the Enzo or the 458 italia I don't think that the BMW will make it I like BMW like luxury cars and Ferrari like powerful exotic cars like it both
Eddie Filipovic Aug 30, 2011
Definitely not stock X6 M.... Or something was wrong with the Ferrari.
Jonathan Romero Aug 30, 2011
HahHahaa XD.. Yess lol
Sam Chill Crockett Aug 30, 2011
Yeah okaaaaaay so not stock!!!!
Mitchell Cherry Aug 30, 2011
oO smoked by a beemmer
Caleb Lochridge Sep 01, 2011
If I was buying, I'd choose neither. If it was given to me, I'd take the 430 and sell it. If I couldn't sell it and had to keep it, I'd still choose the ferrari
Zain Sheikh Sep 01, 2011
True that Shane . Most people would go for the F430 mainly cause it's a Ferrari . But Id Choose a M5 or M6 over the F430 cause the M6 is faster around a track and on the straights but it costs way less
Shane Carroll Aug 31, 2011
@Zain at the end of the day, its still an suv, up against a mid-engined supercar. Handling, not even close. Thats like having a well-handling camel
Zain Sheikh Aug 31, 2011
Austin it's a BMW it has a sport chassis and it's the best handling suv
Austin Goodman Aug 30, 2011
You're saying you'd rather have the BMW? The 430 would still be way faster on a circuit. The BMW would probably roll over the first corner it got to
Michael Kreiss Aug 30, 2011
Performance over looks my friend.
Christian Billman Aug 30, 2011
Ferrari still sexier
Amira Baz Mar 18, 2012
it's clear a 90k bmw cold kick the ass of a 250k ferrari