Comments - 2015 Lamborghini SUV/Crossover Renderings Released

Published: Aug 30, 2011
Description: Tedesco Auto Bild has received renderings of the mysterious Lamborghini SUV/crossover for 2015. Little is known about Lamborghini's newest production model, as we have yet to decipher whether...
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Rashid Midani Nov 18, 2011
This is cayenne concept...
Cody Fullerton Sep 25, 2011
A hybrid powertrain in a Lamborghini. I don't want to live on this planet anymore
John Falcone Aug 30, 2011
That would be a combination of the two worst things Lamborghini could possibly do to itself, an SUV and a hybrid. Don't make this.
Robby Bradford Aug 30, 2011
@Nick that's what annoys me bc now rich soccer moms won't use their minivans anymore. They're using gay-ass crossovers. The cayenne isn't gay-ass, it's incredible but it's bought and driven by the wrong type of people. That ruins a brand right there.
Robby Bradford Aug 30, 2011
@Ryan no Porsche owns vw which owns Audi Which owns lambo
Shane Carroll Aug 30, 2011
2 tons, and a V12. But better make it a hybrid so you can save the world
Ryan John Thompson Aug 30, 2011
@Andrew y would they do that? Last time I checked, Lamborghini was also owned by vw And so is Porsche.
Andrew Grimm Aug 30, 2011
They are doing it to rival Porsche cayane or however you spell it
Nick Singleton Aug 30, 2011
Why not build an suv, they said the same thing about Porsche and they now sell more suv's then 911's
Description: An expected output of around 600hp gives the new car a very Lamborghini feel. An electric drive option could give the vehicle a dainty 15.5-mile range. The three-door SUV/crossover will be limited...
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Shane Carroll Aug 31, 2011
I fully agree with Robby and Brendan. Its the same thing with BMWs and Audis, great cars but nearly every one I've seen is being driven by the kinda guy you know you'll hate if you ever meet him
Brendan Kinzler Aug 30, 2011
@Robby you are right i like the cayanne but the people driving i dont so much and this is what will happen to lambo if they launch it. It will ruin the lamborghini name
Robby Bradford Aug 30, 2011
@Shane it's their husband that can. It's what happened to the cayenne, so I bet you it'll be good for sales for lambo, but bad for the brand. As I said earlier, it isn't the cars that are ruining a brand's image, it's the people who drive them.
Shane Carroll Aug 30, 2011
Don't know of many soccer moms that can afford a lambo
Andrew Grimm Aug 30, 2011
That would be one badass soccer mom!
Brad Wood Aug 30, 2011
15.5 miles won't got you to a gas station. Save the money and the weight. It's a Lambo, it is supposed to be everything a tree hugger is not. It will only be driven 2k miles a year anyway, what's the point?
Scott Lenahan Aug 30, 2011
Why bother with the hybrid just forget about out it. 15 miles isn't worth it...
Ekarat Anusatsiriporn Sep 01, 2011
Omg! I'm not a Lamborghini fan but this is Amazing!! Can't wait to see it on road !!!!
Daniel Finstad Aug 30, 2011
I don't like it much. If I gonna put that kind of money into it, I would get an Estoque...
Ryan Delano Thomas Aug 30, 2011
This is damn vw groups doing, Lamborghini would never make an suv. Any money says it's based on the cayenne
Shane Carroll Aug 30, 2011
Its probably just something else underneath (Q7, Tuareg or whatever its called) with a lambo body and engine. I'd rather see that saloon concept be made
Tyler James Davis Aug 30, 2011
700HP soccer mom? Yah.
Marcin Witkowski Aug 30, 2011
We all need to get used to the new reality I guess. If u can't beat them u may as well join them...
Zain Sheikh Aug 30, 2011
FYI people who are saying don't do it . Lamborghini started out making tractors and then when the owner got rich he bought a Ferrari from the 50's not sure which one but the clutch was awful so he asked Enzo Ferrari himself that if his company can..
Jonathan Romero Aug 30, 2011
If people can buy and drive a porche cayian ( excuse my spelling) they will absolutly buy a lambo suv of they got the mulla for it... Ps: hell no is no Nissan moreno that's nuts to compare lol..
Jonathan Romero Aug 30, 2011
Regardless of the people that think this is a bad idea, I can basicly garenty you if they put this in production, there will definatly be people that will buy this just the fact that is made by a legendary brand..
Nick Christensen Aug 30, 2011
Wow I hope not. Do what you do best...and only do it
Chris Benson Aug 30, 2011
Also lambo started as a truck/tractor company, they are just going back to their roots.
Chris Benson Aug 30, 2011
What does it really matter? It'll be out of teach for most people on this app, and you most likely will never see it on the road, and never off road.
Kenneth Williams Aug 30, 2011
Not digging it. And I kno if it looks like this it'll Probly look hideous in real life
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 30, 2011
But nothing well... Thoose cars are just made for the David Bechams of the world....
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 30, 2011
STOP NOW!!!! if you get a lambo , porsche, ///M, AMG etc it's because you like fast, extotic and exclusive cars. And if you get a range rover it's because you need a off road. Why would anybody get one of thoose car that can make everithing ......
Brandon Lee Aventador Aug 30, 2011
Finally! Lambo suv! ;).