Comments - Fiat 500C by Gucci

Published: Aug 03, 2011
Description: Fiat and Gucci have had recent success collaborating on the 500, and now the pair is back with their take on the 500C. The Gucci Fiat 500C appears very similar both on the interior and exterior to th...
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Description: It is also equipped with a standard Blue&Me system as well as parking sensors, leather-wrapped steering wheel and CD/MP3 media player. The trendy 500C is available in either white or black. Th...
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Andy Kleschick Aug 03, 2011
Oh god, another pos collaboration by fiat and gucci. And the think gucci had class.....
Greg Lewis Aug 03, 2011
Car, 30,000. Model for passenger seat, entire 401k of steve jobs...
James Buster Sep 23, 2011
Fiat suk they should never come to america we don't need more vibrators fiats can go to HELL
Andy Rogers Aug 04, 2011
@Greg No it looks like the original 500 from 1957 (AKA before the Mini even). Some people actually consider it the best car of all time. I say it's FAR from that, but still impressive
Buddy Robinson Aug 03, 2011
I quite like it. I'd never buy one but it's nice to see
Ryan Delano Thomas Aug 03, 2011
I actually like the 500, it's like Italy's mini, it's a small fun car.
Greg Lewis Aug 03, 2011
It's like if a VW bug and neon had a kid..
Ryan Delano Thomas Aug 03, 2011
Hahahaha of course Jesus watches top gear
Thaddeus Wade Aug 03, 2011
Ofcoarse Jesus watches Top Gear.
Edith Wharton Aug 03, 2011
Love that convertible lol but the car is kinda ugly
Jesus Guerra Aug 03, 2011
What I didn't know they could do that