Comments - Leaked: 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Facelift

Published: Aug 29, 2011
Description: Somewhere in South Korea a brand-new 2012 Hyundai Genesis coupe is resting before its big debut in Detroit next year. The 2012 model gains a facelift and all its secrets are revealed in these leaked p...
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Description: The refresh seems to have focused on only the front, as the rear of the car appears unchanged. Hyundai has given the new coupe an upgraded V6 and word has it that there could even be a V8 option avail...
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Timathy Dorman Sep 12, 2011
I actually like it, that econo grill on the current model was one of the main reasons people wrote it off a a cheap sports car solution. If there is an interior improvement than I'd bye this in a heart beat.
Ali Moalim Sep 08, 2011
It will kill mustang with V8 engine spicily in middle EST .
Michael Gallagher Aug 30, 2011
Kill the mustang? What are you smoking? Now I'm no ford fan, especially the mustang. I despise the new generations (love the muscle era) but a hyundia vrs the boss or Shelby? Those are still stangs (like it or not)
Jonathan Romero Aug 30, 2011
You guys eyes must be dirty, I could be lookin at another mustang killer right here looks like it's ready to take on the take on the black top for a good run againts it's hating food lol... By the way like it..
Barry Boo Wilson Aug 29, 2011
WTF fail! Nice jib screwing up a good looking car.
Bryan Thomsen Aug 29, 2011
Poor PQ but I'm sure a HD pic will make it look sick!
Arnaldo Esparra Espada Aug 29, 2011
Looks like elantra and accent fpr me is a little bit ugly but in person can change my mind
Ervis At Aug 29, 2011
I like how all makers copy audi style grill that's why non of these cars have an identity.
Joseph Paventi Aug 29, 2011
Looks a little retarded might be the quality of the pic but I think itll look sick in person
Shane Carroll Aug 29, 2011
What a mess. Its got that stupid Mazda/Peugot grill too, who wants a car with a mouth?
Michael Gallagher Aug 29, 2011
Gtr is sexy but this is just blah. Korea should just stop. All their cars are ugly and performance is shit. Ppl say their reliable, but so is Honda.
Dylan Bruder Aug 29, 2011
Ahahahahaha that's terrible! I know I'm not a fan of Korean cars but good lord that's ugly!
Josh Coba Aug 29, 2011
Noo WTF were they thinking
Phillip Greene Aug 29, 2011
your both right it looks like one of those ugly as s gtrs
Payne Hodges Wilson Aug 29, 2011
I think it looks pretty good maybe it's just me but it has kind of a gt-r look to it but hey that could just be me
Riley Gonzales Aug 29, 2011
hideous!! so ugly it makes the forte koup look sexy
Michael Gallagher Aug 30, 2011
Yes "end up". sorry one word was off. Didnt know it was going to start a massive conundrum (put that in your pipe and smoke it)
Ehtisham Ahmed Aug 30, 2011
this is what happens wen evo and infiniti mate togethr
Bryan Thomsen Aug 29, 2011
I see a little EVO X in there haha
Jared Palmer Aug 29, 2011
Not bad but maybe a little flat in the front. I don't think that the new lines will mesh with the current body style real well. I see Mitsubishi Evo.
Michael Gallagher Aug 29, 2011
When it comes all out you ppl will fall in line and end of loving it. And when I say all you people, I mean all you people lol. I will never like a hyandai
Jason Brower Aug 29, 2011
I can only hope this picture isn't a good shot of it.