Comments - Ford Brings Surprise to Frankfurt Next Month

Published: Aug 29, 2011
Description: According to inside sources, Ford will show a compact-sized sports coupe concept that will possibly be based on the platform architecture of the new Focus at next month's Frankfurt Auto Show. The...
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 29, 2011
Ah, Frankfurt. So many articles on Frankfurt, I guess one'll be overwhelmed if they saw all of those cars at once.
Description: So far, all indications of this mystery car points to the new Focus ST. However, there will be two more production debuts, one of which will likely be the Kuga replacement, the Vertrek. The rendering ...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 01, 2011
This is too sporty for a focus. They ought to call it something else, like the grouper or some fish
David Dockstader Aug 29, 2011
Imagine a vanquish had sex with a ford focus 4 door and then that baby had sex with a db9... And now we have this!
Jt Collier Aug 29, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you the Fordson-Martin focus 370 vantage.
Mathew Britt Aug 29, 2011
2015 mustang (comes out in 2014) is suppose to be pretty bad too!! Fords bouncing back!
Mathew Britt Aug 29, 2011
Haha "fake vanquish grill"? What are the vanquish grills made of platinum? Ha. Looks good to me. Buddy works for ford, I heard the new fusion looks like an Aston too.
Zane Rider Aug 29, 2011
Looks menacing for a small orange focus. I kinda respect that.
Brendan Kinzler Aug 29, 2011
@Jonathan i knew id seen this exact design and i like the look of this
Jim Taugher Aug 29, 2011
Ford has got it going on!
Jonathan Romero Aug 29, 2011
If u guys only read these buzz articles more often, you guys would know this is a redesign ford focus hatch concept, they have shown this car in a another article(the same exact ones).
Raymond Reynoso Aug 29, 2011
Fake Vanquish grille and Scirocco body.
Wallyed Alekozai Aug 29, 2011
front oh nice astin Martin wait what back woah u gotta Nissan juke? nice knockoff
Eddie Filipovic Aug 29, 2011
I can see a TT in this angle for sure, but not the back end. Not bad, if rear end gets a bit tidy.
Dale Denis Aug 29, 2011
Hot lil car! 5.4liter superchargerd???
Robby Bradford Aug 29, 2011
Only looks like the 370z from this angle. None other
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 29, 2011
If Aston made a car of this class, it'll probably look similar.
Luke Walker Aug 29, 2011
Yea what's with the Aston grill??
Joseph Flieder Aug 29, 2011
I'm with Dennis 370z
Kenneth Williams Aug 29, 2011
Looks like a newborn Aston. Lol
Dennis Rech Aug 29, 2011
I agree, not a TT. I would say the spawn of a 370z and the Scion TC. In reality every car has another that looks much like it. There are only so many design theories and then you repeat. Don't complain, Pontiac came up with a new one. Aztec.
Ken Madison Aug 29, 2011
Looks nothing like the TT. I guess the TT is a copy of the model T because it uses the assembly line? See how idiotic that logic is?
Ryan John Thompson Aug 29, 2011
But it doesn't look anything like a tt
Bryan Wesly Pascual Aug 30, 2011
Look at the insanely raked rear window!
Taylor J. Blake Aug 30, 2011
Looks like that Volvo c30
Cho Dan Aug 29, 2011
My Bad! Looks more like the tail of the Nissan Juke.
Cho Dan Aug 29, 2011
Tail looks like the terrible Nissan Murano Cabriolet.
Ken Madison Aug 29, 2011
The CTS V has dual exhaust....
Michael Gallagher Aug 29, 2011
So it has 370z back end, cts-v exhaust. Interesting. The front is gross. But all just a opinion. It's alright for an entree car I guess
Shane Carroll Aug 29, 2011
Looks like part of it got cut off. If it was just a regular hatch back I'd like it better, but thats just me
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 29, 2011
@Kevin: That'll make it a strong car.
James Jay Putnam Aug 29, 2011
Exhaust is kinda lame but I like how the tail lights go so far up
Robby Bradford Aug 29, 2011
I don't think they're gonna go this way on the back. Just a thought
Kevin Rehbock Aug 29, 2011
Looks like the Hulk sat down on the back of a C30.
Tobias Mersinger Aug 29, 2011
Looks awful from this angle...
Kyle Anderson Aug 29, 2011
I love everything besides the exhaust