Comments - Brabus Teases New Model on Facebook Before Frankfurt

Published: Aug 28, 2011
Description: Besides unveiling this teaser photo, German tuning specialists Brabus have unveiled their new B25 S Cabrio (based on the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class cabriolet) and the B50-520 Coupe 4-Matic (based on th...
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Nick Singleton Aug 28, 2011
They dropped the CL name this year and call it an S class coupe. Just like the E class coupe is actually a CLK bit they have dropped the CLK badging as well
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 28, 2011
Dude. They are talking about the CL. otherwise known as an s-class with two doors.
Brendan Kinzler Aug 28, 2011
Ya they do like the SLS SLR SLK
Description: In addition to the above, the tuner has also released the aforementioned new teaser image previewing another vehicle that will debut next month at Frankfurt. Brabus has previously demonstrated their f...
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Peter O'Sullivan Aug 28, 2011
Come on Brabus, give us a Bullit II based on the C-Coupe please!
Ross Turner Aug 28, 2011
It'll be a new brabus rocket, based on the cls
Anthony Palmisano Aug 28, 2011
That's a Mercedes CLS550, no doubt.
Chris Penza Aug 28, 2011
Looks like a Nissan versa. But I highly doubt it is
Zain Sheikh Aug 28, 2011
Why didn't they use the new cls
Patrick Schalk Aug 28, 2011
I like those wheels. They look closer to factory.