Comments - Unique of the Week: 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Published: Aug 27, 2011
Description: It's rare, expensive, and extremely fast. Sounds perfect. This 2006 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is currently looking for a new owner. Up for sale on eBay Motors, this hand-built machine is the only mode...
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Chance Hales Aug 27, 2011
It's technically a small block actually...
Chris Penza Aug 27, 2011
What is the s5s based on then?
Patrick Kennedy Aug 27, 2011
I saw this on after I got carried away looking for my first car
Dirk Austin Greer Aug 27, 2011
You asked for Saleen and here it is. Ha ha.
Description: This was later replaced in 2005 with a more powerful twin turbo system that increased engine power to 750hp with a top speed of 248mph. It can go from 0 to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds. Its aerodynamic b...
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Greg Kenerly Aug 28, 2011
Yeah "special" isn't the same as expensive. Yes a Veyron would be insane but just the annual upkeep is enough to buy that yellow 458. Let's keep it real...that Saleen would be more than enough to melt your brain.
Michael Davidson Aug 28, 2011
Hey Dustin, you forgot to mention the 2.5 million dollar price too
Caleb Lochridge Aug 27, 2011
I really wish someone would have built a road to test the downforce of this car. It is supposedly so aerodynamic that it produces enough downforce to drive upside down. Truly remarkable car
Caleb Lochridge Aug 27, 2011
Why are there always veyron fanboys that talk like it's the best thing to ever happen to cars and all they can say is how it's the "fastest" I can't wait till SSC and the lizard car puts out Bugatti for good. BTW, S7 is one of my FAVORITES!! Awesome!
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Aug 27, 2011
Well, with the Enzo coming in 2003 and the veyron in 2005. There wasn't much hope for America in this regard. Sweet car though.
Patrick Schalk Aug 27, 2011
I'd have an S7 over a Veyron ANY day.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
No to mention the veyron accelerates quicker, and has a higher top speed..
Isaac Rezkalla Aug 27, 2011
The veyron used twin v8s because it weights about double this car so it needed double the engine.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
@chris. More special then a veyron? Are you joking?
Chris Penza Aug 27, 2011
Yeah the veyron really killed this car's attention. This is a lot more special than the veyron because they only need a v8 and 750 hp unlike bugatti. Also it's hand built and can actually turn
Justin Tucker Aug 27, 2011
The car just does not stand out to me that much,just looks like your "classic" supercar
Jared Ramos Aug 27, 2011
It had a role in Bruce Almighty
Shane Carroll Aug 27, 2011
I agree, it kinda flew in under the radar. Still one of my favorites though
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
I meant to add to my comment that this car hardly had any attention it really deserved. Even the N/A S7 was hardly notices by alot of people
Tyler James Davis Aug 27, 2011
It has great handling also, its like a cousin of the mclarens.
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Yea even when I didn't care/know about cars back in '05 I knew about the mclaren f1, but not this. This car is a monster
Danny Alvarado Aug 27, 2011
This car did not receive the attention it should have back in its day.
Chris Penza Aug 27, 2011
American sports cars at their finest
Description: And because of the S7's mid-engine design, it also has two trunks, which are perfect to store the standard set of custom-fit luggage. Some other features include an LCD screen, rear-view camera, ...
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Patrick Schalk Aug 28, 2011
It's an American engine. It'd be easy to work it if it broke down. It's a Ford 427. There are plenty of people who know how to work on them.
Chris Dimattia Aug 28, 2011
Luggage? Don't see these type of cars going on many road trips. Valet, parking garages, and room for only 1 girl. plus, try and get someone to service this thing if it breaks down.
Roberto Arteaga Aug 28, 2011
Haha. Break in period. Either they are driven like they're supposed to or they're not.
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
If they were track miles
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
That means those 1000 miles would have been abuse and no break in period for the engine
Nam Doan Trinh Aug 27, 2011
I hope it was at least 1000 track miles.
Jonathan Harper Aug 27, 2011
It's a pity that it has only been used for 1000 miles, what a waste
Bryce Depperman Aug 27, 2011
I dunno Brady, if he saw this :P
Brady Fereday Aug 27, 2011
Darth Vader has a death star and laser shooting planes he does not need ground transportation what so ever lol xD
Description: The S7 also has an accomplished racing history, having participated in events such as the American Le Mans Series at Laguna Seca, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Grand American Road Racing Championship, ...
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Phillip Greene Aug 27, 2011
he already has three
Thomas Trudzinski Aug 27, 2011
Hmmm, I wonder if Jay Leno is gonna snag it.
Jared Ramos Aug 27, 2011
This is a bargain considering it's rarity. I remember seeing an S7 for sale in Vegas when it was new for $675,000!
Osmel Mohedano Bordiet Sep 03, 2011
The Saleen what amazing American power car
Joshua Rutkowski Aug 29, 2011
Still my favorite car since it first came out it 03!
James Fang Aug 27, 2011
The front reminds me of a Porsche.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
Now that I consider the figures though, that is a steal for a car this fast! Although I stick by my original post. I would have a 458, aventador, or the MP4-12C before I'd consider this.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
Ehh it's nice I guess. For that money though, it wouldn't be my first choice
Jeremy Gomez Aug 27, 2011
too wide and VERY long sounds like a good problem to me, hehe.
Raphael Jackfile Ajon Aug 27, 2011
The 2 impracticalities are that its too wide, and VERY long
Brendan Kinzler Aug 27, 2011
This is my kinda car
Zachary Maurer Aug 27, 2011
Saleens have always been one of my favorite car companies, too bad they don't make them anymore
Shane Carroll Aug 27, 2011
I like how you follow the lines with your eyes and you wonder "where does it end?!"
Jonathan Newcastle Aug 27, 2011
That's definitely Darth Vader's car.
Peter O'Sullivan Aug 27, 2011
I don't know about anyone else, but I much prefer this to anything that SSC has built. It's just a shame that they never followed it up with the Raptor.
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
@Jack, that's what she said to me :P but seriously, this car is VERY long. It's ridiculous, but that's what makes it so sexy and unmistakeable
Jonathan Romero Aug 27, 2011
One of the best American made rush machine up to date, a master piece of torque and power!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
The back is awkwardly long. But otherwise it's... Uh... Awesomely cool.
Thaddeus Wade Aug 27, 2011
Agreed... It's a long car.
Patrick Schalk Aug 27, 2011
Wow. That's amazing.
Christopher Alex Mohamed Aug 28, 2011
All supercars in this class are all long and wide. Great for any track really, but not for the urban track we all drive on.
Dale Fredriks Aug 27, 2011
I love this car. It's always reminded mr of the xj220z
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Lamborghini is also in a completely different car class than this is. This is a hypercar unlike the Lamborghini which are more of supercars.
Vanagram Vance Aug 27, 2011
458 please. Even in yellow
Morgan Dame Aug 27, 2011
This is much better then a lambo
Cho Dan Aug 27, 2011
The tail off that thing is a mile long.
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Hey sexy 458 italia(;
Jonathan Romero Aug 27, 2011
This is Americas lambo..
Jared Ramos Aug 27, 2011
That's a really long rear overhang.
Francesco Giacomelli Aug 28, 2013
You can fit a tend with a double bed on its rear
Tanner Tiefenthaler Oct 16, 2011
Wow look at all those cars
Greg Kenerly Aug 28, 2011
What a sweet ride! I just can't see paying that for anything but a house. Give me a $150k Ford GT any day.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 28, 2011
The Stig, or want to play tag with the police. And kids, of course, will want exotic cars and can't afford them. Which is why they have to mature first and see that speed isn't the only quality you look for when buying a car.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 28, 2011
@Jared: So what are you trying to say? That the statement makes it hard for Lambos and McLarens to sell? OK, but the fact is many rich people do buy those cars, and mostly it'll be because it looks cool and exotic. Not because they want to beat
Chris Penza Aug 27, 2011
This is just a small portion of my dream garage
Jared Ramos Aug 27, 2011
@ Miftah according to your post about the Lexus IS-F yesterday, a mature adult would not buy this car because adults look at the interior first and top speed is second, even the last thought they have. I hope a "kid" can afford $449,000.
Kyle BirdMoore Aug 27, 2011
Maybe this is Bernie Madoff's garage.
Raphael Jackfile Ajon Aug 27, 2011
That's a lot of super cars in the background…
Phillip Greene Aug 27, 2011
i only want the s7 its the only one in the pic worth the money... we don't make to many supercars here but the ones we do have are the best
Jason Anaya Aug 27, 2011
Is that a Lamborghini reventon in the bacround next to the porche?
Brendan Kinzler Aug 27, 2011
360, 458, 599, carrera gt, and s7... this needs to be my garage
Jared Palmer Aug 27, 2011
Between the Saleen and the Porsche in the background there is your 1mill.
Nick Smith Aug 27, 2011
That's probably more than $10 million in cars
Andres Rodriguez Aug 27, 2011
That's more than a million dollars worth of cars
Dirk Austin Greer Aug 27, 2011
Well isn't it kind of obvious? CNC Motors.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 27, 2011
Who's the owner of thoose dreams with wheels??????!!!!!!!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Aug 27, 2011
It can turn, saleen does 24 hours le mans, laguna seca.....etc as mentioned on the article
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
@Andrew: Hmm. That does make sense. But still, they could make the pockets some lids so they won't fall.
Jason Brower Aug 27, 2011
Annnnnnd the American car bashing has begun. The saleen is not an archaic American car, it can take corners, and without cantilevering too. Something the Porsche can't accomplish.
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Some companies don't use these doors because, believe it or not, customers complain about doors like this. They don't like how you can't keep anything in the door pockets without them falling out when you open them, or just the impracticality of them
Raymond Reynoso Aug 27, 2011
Of course it would Jonathan. Until you have to turn the car (steer).
Jonathan Romero Aug 27, 2011
This car would murder that carrera and sing at it's funeral with it's loud twin turbo, and exhaust lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
Why isn't these kind of doors used anymore? Ferraris or McLarens should be using them, goddamit.
Nico Morelli Aug 27, 2011
I want that carrera gt sooo bad!
Thaddeus Wade Aug 27, 2011
My dream garage? Why yes, yes this is my dream garage/heaven. :-)
Greg Kenerly Aug 28, 2011
Throw in that 458 and you've got a deal.
Rollie Olson Aug 28, 2011
I love the orange and red tailights. Vintage but still sweet
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Someone thinks too much of them self.
Josh Sutton Aug 27, 2011
@Andrew- on the S7 and the 458.
Peter Bruschi Aug 27, 2011
wheres the girl? all i see is a car... O__o
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
Simple, yet sexy ass
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
And are 6 piston haha
Andrew Grimm Aug 27, 2011
I wouldn't call them small ahaha. They are 381 mm / 15 in front rotors
Eddie Nash Aug 27, 2011
That's supposed to be the Saleen “S” logo
Josh Vpark Attew Aug 27, 2011
Copyright rims! Thats illegal...
Joel Hayes Aug 27, 2011
Anyone else see the pepsi logo on those rims?