Comments - Toyota Prius+ Revealed Ahead Of Frankfurt

Published: Aug 27, 2011
Description: The new hybrid MPV which Toyota has been talking about for some time will make its official debut in Frankfurt in a couple of weeks, but Toyota has given us some information ahead of that debut. The P...
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Joseph Flieder Aug 28, 2011
I thought mpv was a mazda mini van, no it ius a mazda mini van cause my grandfather had one
Blaise Stevensen Aug 28, 2011
My brother's 1996 Civic gets 55 mpg. Prius=hype/trendy
Roberto Arteaga Aug 28, 2011
My 1999 Tacoma get a whopping 17mpg. $160 a month on gas just going to work and back. Filling a Prius with $45 would last me about a month an a half. Would love to have that extra $115 every month.
Elijah McCord Aug 28, 2011
I agree with wat Cory said, it's just the reputation it has picked up and the lazy design that makes it such a bad car
Cory Kemps Aug 27, 2011
Its a quality car with great features and amazing mpg
Josh Sutton Aug 27, 2011
By the way, why is this article above the Saleen S7?
Edith Wharton Aug 27, 2011
Three rows? That only works for actual people (not tiny kids) in a large suv
Frank Alberto Baez Aug 27, 2011
They should be more specific, as the pics show, 7 psg but not avrg addult sizes. Lets see how the interior looks and the price, its never worthy to buy a hybrid if what you will save in gas is less than what you re paying.
Blaise Stevensen Aug 27, 2011
As if it isn't slow enough, why not weigh it down with two more passengers?
Description: The Prius+ pretty much looks like the regular Prius, with an emphasis on aerodynamics rather than aesthetic appeal. The extra length is apparent though, and the back end is noticeably different as wel...
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Joseph Flieder Aug 28, 2011
There obviously cultist, and the one on the left is a tranny and three father figure
Zachary Maurer Aug 27, 2011
What is the world coming to!?!?!
Robby Bradford Aug 27, 2011
@Chris shows how many gays there are here lol
Chris Penza Aug 27, 2011
@Robby there are so many priuses in Massachusetts. 8/10 cars here are japanese
Robby Bradford Aug 27, 2011
This is a classic lesbian-mobile so it makes sense. About half of the priuses here in Massachusetts have gay-rights stickers, so it's true when you say only faggot would drive a prius.
Riley Gonzales Aug 27, 2011
I think their lesbians
Edith Wharton Aug 27, 2011
Peter you're right! And what did i say earlier. Three rows of seats will only work for little kids
Joel Hayes Aug 27, 2011
When that lady gives birth where does the baby go in the car?
Peter Bruschi Aug 27, 2011
or maybe he was smart and took his camaro to the party instead XD
Peter Bruschi Aug 27, 2011
where's the dad? dead in the trunk? tht makes 9 with the prego lady... XD...
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
Isn't this a bit racist?
Chris Tweedie Aug 27, 2011
There's 2 seats in the far back that fold.3 seats in the middle and 2 seats at the front.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Aug 27, 2011
3 rows of seats and 7 passengers? Where do they fit?...does the pregnant lady count as two passengers?
Avery Doyal Aug 28, 2011
Wow. Its still a piece of shit. Weird.
Ron Vinson Aug 28, 2011
I'd rather take 6 friends on a hike.
Heath Spence Aug 28, 2011
@ Kevin Do you know how much more fun it is to hear money explode out the exhaust of a muscle car?
Eric Henning Aug 28, 2011
1 grenade can make this all go away
Randy Geniec Aug 27, 2011
The REAL QUESTION is wether there is enough cargo room for that computer, the robot and those 36 roses...not to mention the balloons. If you can fit all that in the car then I want one!
Cole Reagan Aug 27, 2011
If they're are 7 people and the lady is pregnant...? There is sn 8th person coming into play there, toyata didn't think that through considering the car can only hold 7.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
@Robby. That means nothing to me. My frown drives one. It's a nice car for the money. No, I isn't fast. And no, the fuel economy isn't that of a diesel. But they aren't crap. I bet if Jeremy clarkson said it was a great car, 2/3 of you would agree.
Robby Bradford Aug 27, 2011
@Dustin uhhh the fact it's a prius
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
Why all the hate? If you don't like it...don't buy it? Simple enough. I like the idea of a fuel efficient car that carries 7. Not that I'd ever buy one..
Travis Van'tVoort Aug 27, 2011
So apparently, the Prius+ is designed for wealthy, pregnant lesbians with many children.
Shane Carroll Aug 27, 2011
Haha kid's got a Robosapien. Still have mine that thing's fun
Robby Bradford Aug 27, 2011
Why are they all dressed in white? This is maybe the gayest ad of all time. With the iPad, and the guy playing with flowers, and two women with children, I don't think the dads are in their convertibles. There are none.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
P.S. The iPad is in it's very default settings. It's funny because that proves the fact that it isn't their iPad.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
Hooray for dads who are sensible and and know enough about cars to know that having this car in 3 rows is not something to laugh about. No, I'm not sexist.
Patrick Schalk Aug 27, 2011
The dads are either out offroading or at the drag strip watching a wet t-shirt contest.
Peter Bruschi Aug 27, 2011
look at tht 1 kid, with his iPad? r u kidding? these brats are rich, wtf r they doing with a prius? get a big ass bently!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
Somehow this makes the kids look like spoiled brats.
Brad Wood Aug 27, 2011
Makes sense to me. That is what's in most SUV's anyway; mom and a bunch of rug rats. Dad is out in his convertible or coupe. I like it.
Garrett Chatterton Aug 27, 2011
Lol what are they all doing
Thaddeus Wade Aug 27, 2011
She is so giving birth to an alien.
Luis Enrique Lara Aug 27, 2011
Oh gosh What a boooooring image can someone put a real car in That image?? Lol
Jay Mauran Aug 27, 2011
It is just unappealing- just when you thought nothing could be fuglier than the original
Leo Di Leo Aug 27, 2011
The only good use for this car is at a monster truck rally when its gets destroyed
Jacob McCord Aug 27, 2011
@Miachel haha and after you do that pull up to a ricer and say you wanna race then you dust him lol
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 27, 2011
@Jared. The kids like 12. Give him a break
Jared Ramos Aug 27, 2011
@ Miftah are you kidding me? I see your comments on every page, sometimes demeaning ones towards other readers, and on the wagoneer article you're talking about what your first car is GOING to be?
Josh Sutton Aug 27, 2011
Or that to make this interesting, you'd have to do crazy modifications to it.
Robby Bradford Aug 27, 2011
I think he means that porshce is the exact opposite of this shit
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 27, 2011
Save the trouble and buy a frickin Porsche then. Goddamit.
Michael Wilson Aug 27, 2011
i would drive this. :) but i would take out the back seats(both rows) and put in a porsche flat 6 with around 500hp and put in a prosche rear axle and then have lots of fun.
Roberto Arteaga Aug 28, 2011
Rear hatch looks highlanderish Rear quarter panel looks rav4ish Rest is prius.
Connor Bloodworth Aug 27, 2011
Looks like the Pontiac vibe from this angle...