Comments - Spied: 2012 Ferrari 599 Replacement

Published: Aug 26, 2011
Description: It is as yet unclear whether the car you see here will go by the name 599 or if it will be a full-fledged replacement, but if it is a facelift, it is a significant one. The headlights are now in the s...
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Description: We've managed to get a short video of the new Ferrari running around the track as well. Just enjoy the sound of that V12.
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Yasser Abdelhalim Aug 26, 2011
I'll own you one day!
Joshua Adams Aug 26, 2011
It's a test mule. They'd rather hide it in familiar skin than risk early snapshots.
Luke Walker Aug 28, 2011
If it's a mule it could be anything or any car company. BMW & Audi use eachothers bodies for their new engines.
DongWoo Daniel Kang Aug 26, 2011
Lambo wins in this segment for sure. Its time for the ferrari to come up with f70 to show da world who da boss is.
Josh Sutton Aug 26, 2011
But they'd make that MR for sure...
Dylan Bruder Aug 26, 2011
But the f60 was the Enzo
Kevin Rehbock Aug 26, 2011
Most likely a 599 mule with the new V12 underneath. For all we know it's the F60.
Kevin Callejas Aug 26, 2011
Looks exactly the same as the 599
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 26, 2011
... I'm not sure about it. Gotta see it at it's best first.
Andrew Grimm Aug 26, 2011
Ehhh I don't like the face lift on it
Taylor Anders Aug 26, 2011
Nobody gets what a mule is. Look up the Enzo prototype, it looked like a testerossa
Mitch Pchelarov Aug 26, 2011
It's not gonna look anything like this, this is a mule, which means they use the old body style with all the new stuff under it
Shane Carroll Aug 26, 2011
@Tim yeah they stick out too much
Tim van Leerdam Aug 26, 2011
Don't put those exhaust on it because that is fking ugly