Comments - Video: KTM X-Bow Gets Covered, Techno Music

Published: Aug 24, 2011
Description: Austrian company KTM has gotten a serious case of Lancia Stratos-envy and added a roof to their X-Bow supercar. Italian company Montenergy has fitted the KTM a hood that will keep you warm in the cold...
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Adam Thomson Feb 27, 2013
Looks like a Lancia Stratos
Description: First, a plain canopy covering titled the Monte Carlo is availbable. Second, a more costly $17,300 full conversion package is on offer.
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Caleb Lochridge Aug 27, 2011
Stupid video. Show it racing
Description: KTM used an Audi-sourced TFSI diesel 4-cylinder 237hp in their track ready X-Bow. An engine upgrade will be offered by Montenergy that will pump up the power to 210hp. Check out the videos to see the ...
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Federiko Knaudt Jul 09, 2012
your IQ cant drop cause you got no IQ
Caleb Lochridge Aug 27, 2011
Wow, my IQ just dropped
Dale Fredriks Aug 24, 2011
It even has starts in it's name. 'stratosferico'
Darren Nardo Aug 24, 2011
Lancia is gonna be pissed!
Kevin Callejas Aug 24, 2011
Its just a lancia stratos
Marcel Dawson Aug 24, 2011
Its basically a gay stratose
Michael Ioia Aug 24, 2011
This video is worst then the first one. There just stupid slide shows.
Sam Oglesby Aug 24, 2011
if the bhp starts of at 237 how can it be pumped up to 210
Weston Caloyer Aug 24, 2011
Yeah I can see allot of stratos in there
Kent Sullivan Aug 24, 2011
Definitely looks like a stratos
Ryan Patrick Clauson Sep 10, 2011
Looks like a starts with reventon type styling and pannels
Brendan Kinzler Aug 24, 2011
This looks exactly like the stratos
Rueben J Yslas Aug 24, 2011
Wth is this picture supposed to convey? a xbow with a helo? Is it supposed too say "ya the only way ur gonna own this is if u have a helo"?
Weston Caloyer Aug 24, 2011
Lol yeah that's not a stratos at all.
Edith Wharton Aug 24, 2011
Don't like the green and whats up with the spoiler?
Josiah De La Torre Aug 24, 2011
Lol at the guy , sick car tho