Description: The Polar Expedition Vehicle by Ian Nisbett Design will attempt to destroy the Guinness World Record for the fastest Antarctic land crossing this coming December - exactly 100 years since the last rec...
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Description: The PEV is pushing the limits of technology and incorporates the latest in real-time GPS satellite communication and navigation. It also provides the cutting edge in survival gear, research materials ...
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Shane Carroll Aug 22, 2011
32? What is this, a mountain bike?
Michael Davidson Aug 22, 2011
Yeah, thats exactly what I was thinking. You would have more of the needed torque and the gas mileage would be better
Chris Dimattia Aug 22, 2011
Why not diesel like top gear? Its already a proven engine.
Jimmy Atkinson Aug 22, 2011
It looks like a remote control car....
Ranjha Deol Aug 22, 2011
haha..this would b great for killing zombies (:,
Description: The PEV also features crevasse protection bars, anti-slide snow anchors, crush-proof cabin, real-time GPS tracking and intelligent on-board safety system. You can find more details on its designer&apo...
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Antonio Falsetti Aug 23, 2011
It looks like a beetle. An actual beetle.
Cody Johnston Aug 22, 2011
That's because it started life as a hilux
Jamal Afzal Aug 22, 2011
Mits. Evolution Dakar Rally Car!
Roberto Arteaga Aug 22, 2011
Looks like a hilux from the side.
Axel Cousins Aug 22, 2011
I would want that. U could get through any terrain. This would be good if there was a zombie attack.
Patrick Schalk Aug 23, 2011
Haha that would be awesome but this thing would cost SO much to build as a production model
Michael Wilson Aug 22, 2011
i believe if thia whent into full scale production the world would be a happier place. or atleast there would be more dirt covered trucks
Shane Carroll Aug 22, 2011
@Barry lol. Does it even have a radiator?
Cho Dan Aug 22, 2011
Look up Icelandic Trucks for more of the same. This is no Dakar rig, this is a purpose built snow/glacier cruiser.
Sam Oglesby Aug 22, 2011
it's a Dakar rally car with some scaffolding on the front
Michael Wilson Aug 22, 2011
they add extra horsepower duh!!! and is this supposed to be a flex test?
Barry Boo Wilson Aug 22, 2011
Good thing it's got those air scoops. We wouldn't want anything to overheat.
Daniel Gil Aug 23, 2011
This is fake! It's not the actual interior just like a concept or a render image of what they want!
Cho Dan Aug 22, 2011
Seats look hard! I guess it doesn't matter when you're wearing a body parka.
Trevor Deere Aug 22, 2011
Polar batman's car?!
Brad Hickey Aug 22, 2011
Camaro/cruze wheel lol
Dale Fredriks Aug 22, 2011
That is now the coolest interior ever. It beat out the LFA ad the Aventador.
Michael Davidson Aug 22, 2011
The interior pics are computer generated