Comments - Spied: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Super Sport

Published: Aug 22, 2011
Description: Although Veyron production has supposedly ended, Bugatti is clearly now preparing a new model: the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Super Sport. For those who don't already know, the Grand Sport is the ro...
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John Azzinaro Jan 26, 2012
It's two different models not all one big name..
Kenneth Williams Aug 23, 2011
Call it the G-trip. Like USSSA softball is called U-trip for short.
Matthew Salguero Aug 22, 2011
Jesus like The pagan truckload was the last hurrah and then came the huayra then the zonda cinque the zonda cinque roadster...really?
Robby Bradford Aug 22, 2011
@William agreed. It's not like it's redundant-sounding or anything
Ray Lockhart Aug 22, 2011
The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GSSS
William Forgham Aug 22, 2011
I hope they think of a better name.
Description: There's just some smaller parts in the front bumper being covered up. We can also see that the NACA air ducts that are usually on the Super Sport have been changed for the normal Grand Sport air ...
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Ryan Oliver Magno Aquino Feb 16, 2012
What is the fastes car in the world? Is it a race car or that bugatti? If you know the answer you comment and say this: ( I know the answer the answer is _________)
Ted Theodore Yang Jan 08, 2012
Is it just me or that rear tires have grown larger than the front tires
Josh Vpark Attew Aug 25, 2011
My profile pic version is basic grand sport now :s ill have to get a pic of me next to this now what a beast
Kenneth Williams Aug 23, 2011
Looks good. This car grows on me everytime I see it
Colin Barr Aug 22, 2011
Looks like a regular grand sport..
Morgan Dame Aug 22, 2011
Well one thing that isn't a grand sport as u can see just look at the pillars and secondly they aren't going to make a veyron ss grand sport
Ryan Chamberlain Aug 22, 2011
man that back tire is massive....
Duncan Gibson Aug 31, 2011
What happened to bugattis old smooth lines and curves style??? This looks technical and a bit more like an agera
Rodney Rogers Junior Aug 22, 2011
More like 22 in the front and 30 in the back, those tire are $20k a piece bro.
Matt Wright Aug 22, 2011
It's like a 22" in the back and a 16" in the front. Haha
Jeff Beko Aug 28, 2011
Because it is a super sport?
Nico Morelli Aug 22, 2011
Anybody else notice the supersport exhaust?